Marching Band Wins Regional State Qualifier Competition With Season-High Score

After receiving a score of 82.05, Creek will compete in state finals at Air Force Academy on Oct. 29


Carly Philpott

Sousaphone players Ethan Ormes (left) and Max Eggleston play in their show at the Denver Metro Regional State Qualifier Competition. Creek took first place at regionals on Oct. 20.

Carly Philpott, Editor-in-Chief

Marching band placed first at their regional state qualifier on Thursday with a score of 82.05. It is the band’s second year in a row winning the CBA Denver Metro Regional 5A qualifier, but this is a new record-high score.

“82.05 is the highest that our band has scored at qualifiers ever, so it was a huge accomplishment for us,” junior saxophonist Isabella Sandvall said. “The energy was incredible – there’s nothing better than walking on with your friends knowing that you are going to make an outstanding performance. Leaving everything on the field and getting a placement that reflects that is incredibly rewarding.”

This score, while high compared to past years, wasn’t unexpected. The band has consistently done well in other competitions so far this season.

“My expectations were higher than they were last year,” junior drum major Dallas Van said. “We did score a 79 at our last competition, so I did expect to break 80, so overall I’m satisfied.”

Van and his fellow drum majors, seniors Josh Weiner and Amelia Dundon, accepted the first place award on behalf of the band in the final ceremony. He says the moment was unforgettable.

“I felt pure joy in the moment, and though I wasn’t with the band, I bet they were really, really happy,” Van said. “It was really good to accept the first place award.”

Other members of the band, who watched the ceremony from the sidelines, confirmed Van’s description. “I was super excited. It’s nice to see the aftermath of a lot of hard work,” senior percussionist Maggie Lee said. “I was so happy that we did so well in my last regionals. At the same time, I was sad that I wasn’t going to get another one with the band.”

The band competes in several festivals throughout their season, which lasts from August to October. But regionals is what really counts, determining their placement for state finals on Oct. 29. This year, Creek is seeded fourth in 5A. Last year, they placed third overall at state with a score of 83.33, which was their first score above 80 all season.

This year, they’ve already broken 80 with their regionals score, so expectations are even higher.

“I think that we could get top 3 again this year,” Lee said. “I’m hoping for mid eighties in terms of scoring. I think that the judges at regionals were tough scorers, so hopefully, our score improves at finals.”

Sandvall believes the band is capable of doing very well at state, but it will still take work.

“I hope that our success at qualifiers gives the band the morale to work to push forward and take third once again,” Sandvall said. “I really do think that we have the ability and potential to.”