Union Street Journal

2020-2021 Staff

Hannah Edelheit


I am one of the editor-in-chiefs and I enjoy riding horses and reading. I am super passionate about journalism and want to study it in college.   

Jane McCauley


I’m the other editor-in-chief, and I love sleeping in, playing with my dogs and lizard, and reading and writing poetry.  

Carly Philpott

News Editor

 I’m the news editor and a sophomore; this is my second year on staff. I love my turtle, CDs, learning different languages, and writing for journalism.

Bre Mennenoh

A&E Editor

what's up gamers I’m the Arts and Entertainment editor for USJ for the 2nd year in a row lol. My only talent is that I can skateboard. That's it. Oh wait, I like to travel. Ok bye guys

Raegan Knobbe

Sports Editor

 If I could live in a world with only sports games on tv, I would. I am a sophomore, the sports editor, and while I love all sports, baseball and football are my absolute favorites. I will pet any dog, maybe not a cat, I play f...

Giovanni Machado

Opinions Editor

Lily Deitch

Staff Writer

I’m Lily, a freshman at CCHS. I like playing the piano and ukulele, traveling, spending time with family and friends and writing. I would love to see the Aurora Borealis sometime.  

Aila MonLouis

Staff Writer

Ethel Yagudayeva

Design Editor

    I am a sophomore, and the Photo/Art Editor and Design Editor for the USJ. I love traveling and seeing things from different perspectives, playing the violin in orchestra, and experiencing different types of cuisines of ...

Madison Seckman

Feature and Managing Editor

 I am the feature editor and managing editor, and I’m a junior. I enjoy writing, working with music, and going outside to exercise. My favorite book genre is Science Fiction. And… I’m a horse girl. ...

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