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Since the immense popularity of Wordle, various spin-offs have been developed. These spin-offs take the aesthetic of Wordle and transform it in creative ways.

The 10 Best Wordle Spin-Offs, Ranked

Nick Rui, Features Editor
March 11, 2022
Book blurbs

Book blurbs

Madison Seckman, Feature and Managing Editor
December 9, 2020
Papas Rankeria

Papa’s Rankeria

Sandy Lee, Photography Editor
March 6, 2020
Mario Kart Review

Mario Kart Review

Akash Shivakumaar, Staff Writer
November 1, 2019
PLAYER OF THE GAME: With the capability of being a both offensive and defensive player, Brigitte is described as someone who was “very needed” by Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan.

Overwatch: A new hero is here

Eliza King, A&E Editor
April 19, 2018
NEW EARLY ACCESS GAME: While still in its early stages, Dead Cells is proving to be great.

Fast and fluid new game

Skylar Matteson, Staff Writer
March 8, 2018
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