Flag Football Faces 18-7 Loss in Homecoming Game: See Moments Here

The new team faced Arvada West on Sept. 16


Alex Gribb

With an undefeated record, Head Coach David Knoeckel was disappointed with the loss. “It’s okay. I mean, it’s the fourth game that we played, and the second weekend so we still want to learn how to do better. we’re gonna get better. We [the team] are fine.”

Amanda Castillo-Lopez and Alex Gribb

Cherry Creek’s brand new Flag Football team lost their Sept. 16 homecoming game against Arvada West in their fourth game of the season, 18-7.

Despite a strong defense mounted by Sophomore Kimaya Kini, they were overpowered on several occasions during the second half, by Arvada’s persistent offense.

Being stopped from achieving an undefeated season, Head Coach David Knoeckel was disappointed. “It’s okay. It’s the fourth game that we played and the second weekend so we still want to learn how to get better,” Knoeckel said.

This is the first year Girls’ Flag Football has been a sport at Creek, yet after only two weeks into the season, many are showing interest in the sport. According to Knoeckel, around ten girls signed up a week prior to the game.

On behalf of the Denver Broncos, the sponsor of Creek’s Girls’ Flag Football program, former football players and current cheerleaders showed up to the game to support young members of the football community.

“I think it’s so important for women to cheer on other women and all sports on all levels. And I’m really grateful to be out here cheering on these high school athletes and [watching] them be amazing at what they do,” Broncos Cheerleader Taylor Strickland said.

A retired Bronco felt the same inspiration. “I see some big plays, I see some sad plays, but a lot of excitement out there,” former Broncos running Back Reuben Droughns said.

Despite the support from the NFL team, the loss took a toll. Even so, senior Juliana Seewald has high hopes for the team’s future games. “We aren’t happy with the result. And it’s just gonna motivate us to work harder,” Seewald said.

See moments from the game below.