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The Summer I Turned Stupid: Season 2 Disappoints

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Season two of The Summer I Turned Pretty had more lows than highs as Belly (Lola Tung) picked apart Conrad (Christopher Briney) and Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno), the two brothers, and messed with their heads left and right. Even if you are ‘Team Jeremiah,’ we can all agree that this season was all over the place.

If Belly paid more attention to her college, volleyball, and school ambitions and future rather than trying to make everything about Susannah’s death, viewers would’ve seen a more consistent plot.

It was the worst, most boring thing I’ve ever watched. The acting was dreadful, the constant back and forth made my head spin. This season was honestly just a placeholder for the exciting, “amazing” third season to come, for all those who love Conrad.

Belly made countless bad decisions as she went back and forth between Conrad and Jeremiah, and the worst part was that each brother indulged in the drama and made it so that the other’s time was miserable and awkward.

After Jere and Belly kissed at Brown University, on Conrad’s car, at his school, while wearing his sweatshirt, I think we can all agree that Belly has her head all over the place and seriously needs to get it together.

The scene that made all of this unbearable and awkward for me was when the three of them were on the highway after the kiss at Brown, and Conrad was being as rude and embarrassing as possible. It was hilarious.

It really goes to show that no matter what, Conrad will always be there for comedic relief during the moments that make you feel mortified.

Once all was worked out, Jere and Belly ended up with one another. But this doesn’t mean that season 2 was over.

In the last episode of the season, the three of them made such a big deal about the Fourth of July and how it was Susannah’s favorite holiday. They had said that they wouldn’t miss it for the world and would celebrate the holiday in honor of her.

Yet, the season ended right before the 4th.

How can you just end a season right there and then? Just like that?

This season ended way too abruptly and was honestly, just terrible. Jeremiah and Belly ended up together, and they didn’t celebrate Susannah’s favorite holiday.

Also, there have been many conspiracy theories going around that there will be a surprise episode coming out at the end of August and will stun us all with a plot twist ending.

As I am team Conrad, I pray for another episode where something will hopefully change. Even if I don’t get an extra episode, I’m excited for season three to come out and the downfall of Jeremiah to begin.

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