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    Dr. DEW | Jan 23, 2024 at 8:23 AM

    This will continue to happen from one generation to the next. You’re not going to tell me the parents or gurdians of these racist children are unaware their children are “racist”. Most likely this has been instilled at home.
    The young lady Shamlis is correct, this is not a new problem. I dealt with racism during middle and high school forty years ago,my children twenty years ago. The only thing that changes is how the racism is generated. Social media has provided a platform for this behavior. Children have access to more information than ever before.
    What also find interesting is how protected these children are. Just like bullies. Everyone knows who the victims are. These same racist children will be in corporate America as CEO’s and other positions where the same behavior will continue.
    Prevention isn’t lucrative or the mindset of this country. We wait until the fire starts,to put it out to reduce loss of life and property damage. How many more Black children have to be damaged before a solution is developed?
    The continuous bantar and the use of diversity and inclusion is nothing but a bureaucratic smoke screen.