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Math teacher Robert Matuscheck teaches Calculus 3 Honors, Differential Equations Honors, and Linear Algebra Honors while also being a facilitator for the Evidence Based Grading (EBG) Group at Creek. He, like all members of the EBG Group, works towards implementing equitable grading practices in his classes.
Rethinking the Grade: Teachers Push For More Equity
Amanda Castillo-Lopez, News Editor | March 15, 2023

With late assignments piling up in your PowerSchool, you dread the day the “missings” will turn into “zeroes,” plummeting your grade to an abysmal level. Then you...

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 Gabbi Lopez, Maggie Ngo, and Anthony Park (right to left) play League of Legends during a regular season meet on March 7. There is some controversy about whether or not esports should be considered a sport along with more traditional sports like baseball, soccer, and football. “I would say that there are a lot of aspects of being a sport that esport does incorporate,” Creek esports Head Coach Alexandra Bak said. “Anybody on a soccer team or football team has to be good at communication and teamwork and strategy, knowing what to do and when to do it, and thats the exact same skill set that gamers have.”
Should Esports Be Considered a Real Sport?
Angela Xu, Chief Artist | March 15, 2023

As technology advances further in the 21st century, sport entertainment is progressing further and further from typical sports fields and onto screens. Now, competitive sports themselves are moving away...

Students gathered in Shillinglaw and the Innovation Center to watch Creek play Grandview in the 2023 Class 6A Semifinals on Friday. Creek lost to Grandview 31-28 after a series of Grandview advances in the last half.
Girls’ Basketball Loses Semifinal Game to Grandview
Quinn Rudnick, Managing & Sports Editor | March 12, 2023
Senior varsity swimmer Lily Esmas competes against Cherokee Trail on Jan. 26 during the 100 yard backstroke event.
Bodies First, Swimming Second
Alex Gribb, Junior Editor-in-Chief | March 11, 2023
Junior right-winger and center Drew Capra defends the puck during a varsity game against Regis on Jan. 27. Regis tied Creek 3-3.
Regis Jesuit: the Rival Nextdoor
Marie Webster, Chief Sports Photographer | March 11, 2023
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ChatGPT is the most advanced publicly available chatbot on the internet right now. Because of its human-like writing, it’s difficult for teachers to tell if it’s human or robot writing. “Its kind of like with calculators in math,” said Dr. Rob Harper, a professor of history at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. “Even though its really handy to have a calculator to run equations, there is still value in figuring out how to do long division or all these other things ourselves.”
Essay-Writing AI Threatens Academic Integrity
Peter Philpott and Ayushi Sah | March 12, 2023

Revolutionary AI technology is sweeping through schools across the nation, as more and more students turn to essay-writing bots to complete their assignments. But is this the future of education or a dangerous trend that undermines the value of a college...

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The Stolen Heir is acclaimed fantasy writer Holly Blacks latest novel, and its a masterclass in high fantasy.
'The Stolen Heir' is High Fantasy Done Right
Gabby Schrock, Assistant A&E Editor | March 12, 2023

Holly Black is known for The Cruel Prince, the ensuing trilogy, and some stand-alone novels. She’s a very popular author, so her new duology has readers raving. The Stolen...

Grohl reflected on his life and music career by zooming in and telling smaller stories.
Dave Grohl's 'The Storyteller' Chronicles Stardom
Quinn Rudnick, Managing & Sports Editor | March 12, 2023
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1979: At age five, Joel Morris dictates a story to his dad to go with his illustrations. This lifelong love of storytelling led Morris to write multiple novels in adulthood, one of which is a Lady Macbeth prequel novel, set to be released in 2024.
English Teacher Joel Morris Takes Love of Writing, 'Macbeth' Into New Novel
Carly Philpott, Editor-in-Chief | March 11, 2023

Creek English teacher Dr. Joel Morris teaches nearly 100 15-year-olds the story of Macbeth every year, leading spirited discussions, screening the 2010 film version, and grading...

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Baseball Reference, a massive statistical encyclopedia, is the best tool for historical baseball analysis and statistical framing. It seems infinite, providing specific details for thousands of different remote statistics and circumstances. It allows statheads and historians to get a better sense of a player’s hitting and fielding ability, even as early as the 1900s.
Peanuts and Cracker Jack #6: Why Are Baseball Statistics Important?
Peter Philpott, Assistant News Editor | March 16, 2023

There’s a website out there, a seemingly infinite database that contains billions of numbers and names, players and games. That site is called Baseball Reference. Baseball...

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