Christin Jacob to Become New English Department Coordinator


Wryn Duepre

English teacher Christin Jacob lectures her AP Language and Composition class. After teaching at Creek for 18 years, Gilbert will next year take on the role of English Coordinator.

Sydney Smith, Staff Writer

After four years of serving as the English Department Coordinator, Kim Gilbert decided to leave the position to open it up for newer ambitions. Christin Jacob, who has taught at Creek for 18 years and is currently teaching multiple English courses and coaching girls’ tennis, will take over the position of Coordinator starting next school year.

Before becoming coordinator, Gilbert taught nearly every English class that Creek offers. Now she feels it’s time that the English Department made some changes. 

“As I was thinking about the future of the department, I didn’t have anything in mind that I felt I wanted to kind of facilitate with the department,” Gilbert said. “So I thought it might be better to have somebody that was new, had some new energy, some new ideas.”

Gilbert became coordinator at the start of the pandemic, which was very difficult to navigate. Although support was abundant as she took on the new role, nothing could’ve prepared her for the amount of flexibility it required. Whether that is becoming the substitute for a late teacher or spending nights creating a master schedule, Gilbert felt the full responsibility of overseeing the entire department.

“Every day, there’s a new challenge and something new that’s going on. And behind the scenes there are things that have to get done,” Gilbert said.

Jacob is preparing to take on these obligations by staying in communication with her colleagues and other Department Coordinators, while looking forward to trying something new.

“I just have a nice opportunity to serve the people that I love so much. I enjoy coming to school everyday, and so [the job] was really an opportunity just to support them in a new role,” Jacob said. 

Because the job is so different from being in the classroom, the process of hiring a new Coordinator is filled with collaboration. As part of the application process, Jacob was interviewed by Principal Ryan Silva and gave a speech to her peers to encourage them to vote her into the position.

“The most intimidating but wonderful challenge was giving a speech to [the English] Department to talk to my colleagues about why I wanted to be there,” Jacob said. “Daunting is the perfect word to describe it, it just seemed like a nice challenge.”

English teacher Mhari Doyle, who is a part of Jacob’s PLC (Professional Learning Community), works closely with Jacob. She felt like Jacob fit the job perfectly as a leader and long-time English teacher.

“I think Mrs. Jacob will be a genuine leader. And that showed in her speech, that she genuinely cares about this department and wants to advocate for our needs as a group of English teachers,” Doyle said. 

Jacob looks forward to meeting these expectations and further serving the English Department in her new position.

“I’m just looking forward to the opportunity and I love the people I work with so much, I’m lucky to come to work everyday,” Jacob said.