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Oliver’s Italian Restaurant Replaces Tokyo Joe’s, Attracts Student Business

Quinn Rudnick
Oliver’s Italian opened in place of Tokyo Joe’s in Belleview Square, allowing students to partake in slightly elevated dining during their off periods.

After Tokyo Joe’s shut down, Oliver’s Italian Restaurant has entered Belleview Square and is beginning their acclimation to the community. While Tokyo Joe’s business was slim among Creek students, Oliver’s has made significant changes to both the building, and how they present their restaurant. 

“I’d never been to Tokyo Joe’s, but I went to Oliver’s,” junior Cole Clayton said. “It was brief, but the restaurant was very bright and well-decorated. I loved the atmosphere.”

Tokyo Joe’s was very different from Oliver’s, not only in cuisine but in appearance. 

“Obviously, if you look around, things are a lot different from how they used to be at Tokyo Joe’s,” general manager Joey Vosveld said. “We’ve redone almost everything from the electrical to plumbing to what you see here. The outside area has been enclosed, and we created a nice, more open space. We also gave it heating.”

The brightness is something that creates a more friendly and welcoming atmosphere, which was Oliver’s goal behind the changes. Their light green color scheme is accompanied by warm lighting and a more open layout, different from the darker color scheme and minimal lighting of Tokyo Joe’s.

“If you’ve ever been to Tokyo Joe’s, you know this,” Vosveld said. “Things [have] completely changed.” 

The contrast between this previously dark appearance and the new, bubbly and colorful one has not only opened up the space more but will hopefully attract more Creek students. 

“We’ve not seen many Creek students so far, but we’re not too worried about that,” Vosveld said. “We’re thinking about making a cheaper lunch package deal with a Roman pinsa and an Italian soda.”

Pinsa, a healthier alternative to pizza because of its lower-carbohydrate dough, is like a personal pizza or flatbread. Vosveld hopes that the lunch package will draw in students that find Oliver’s too costly.

“[The lunch package deal] will be more directed at students because of the price of our current menu, which may be a little expensive for that audience,” Vosveld said.

The current dinner menu features a staple item, spaghetti with butter or tomato sauce, for $20. Another item, the “salmone” (salmon and risotto) is $35. Many Creek students agree that this may be out of their price range.

“I probably wouldn’t eat there frequently, because I heard the price is a little expensive, and kind of out of my range,” Clayton said. “Also, it’s sit-down, which is too time consuming for lunch.”

Despite the prices, junior Abbie Kroll enjoyed the food, and rated her visit highly. 

“I really liked the dinner,” Kroll said. “The atmosphere was super nice and quiet, the staff was helpful, and I think most of the food was worth it. Some stuff was overpriced, though.”

Kroll said the food coupled with the atmosphere has a high chance of bringing in students, and Vosveld hopes the new changes will make Oliver’s a hit at Creek. 

“We look forward to seeing where things go,” Vosveld said.

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