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A Divided Creek Looks to 2024 Presidential Election

Peter Philpott
A rematch of the 2020 presidential election is set as Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Donald Trump won their respective primaries on March 13. Creek is divided over who should be voted into office.

As November nears, people all over the country divide over the candidates. Polls give a slight edge to Republican Donald Trump, and 270toWin‘s electoral map does the same. But many states are swing states, and nearly 80 precious votes hang in the balance in swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Arizona. Meanwhile, at Creek, a survey of the school’s social media community leaned towards Biden. What do students have to say?

Q: Who would you vote for in the 2024 election?

A: “I’d vote for Biden because he is the least problematic candidate running. I want [Kamala Harris] to take over for him. I believe she’d make wise decisions for the country.” -Sophomore Ingrid Carlson

A: “If I had to choose a candidate then that would be Trump because he does really care about his people and does end up making better decisions not only for the USA but also for a better international connection.” -Junior Safia Subir

A: “Nikki [Haley] because we need more women representation in politics.” -Sophomore Devyn Michelson*

A: “None because all the candidates are either extremely old or have extremely problematic policies.” -Sophomore Chloe Morris


Poll of 115 Students in the Creek Instagram community. (Peter Philpott)


Q: To the seniors – why are you voting in the presidential election this November?

A: “If my vote could change everything and if it could help, I’m obviously going to do it.” –Sara Klapperich

A: “I think it’s important that we live in a democracy and that we use the power of said democracy to influence our government.” -Oliver Burkholder

A: “I think voting is really important as citizens and voting is our way to make change in our government. Even at a young age, I think you should be politically active. Everyone should have a say no matter their opinion, I think voting…helps people think for themselves.” -Lina Schroeder

A: “I’m going to vote just because I can promote change…maybe one day a different political party might put in a new law that might help you.” -Ben Mendenhall

Yet the candidates on the ballot don’t remain to be the only option for Americans, with 34% of voters choosing to remain neutral or currently undecided. Students at Creek have quoted outdated policies, old candidates, and a repetitive electoral environment. A poll showed that more students prefer another candidate that isn’t on the ballot than Biden, Trump, or Haley*. Opinions aren’t just split; many Americans can’t agree to vote on any of the current candidates either.

*Polls and surveys taken prior to Nikki Haley dropping out of republican primaries on March 6.

Additional Contributions by Alisa Kovaleva

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