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The Hateful Eight: Eight Things I Hate (XI)

Alex Gribb

Hearts, Happiness, and Hate. The typical three H’s of Valentine’s day. But I want to introduce a fourth: (H)love. As is tradition, here is the only Hateful Eight that isn’t fueled by bitter resentment, presented on the one day a year the entire world is happy. (joke)

1. The Album Ctrl by SZA

Nothing, and I mean nothing, will ever compare to the feeling of listening to this album for the first time. SZA somehow captures almost every facet of being a woman in an incredibly detailed yet gorgeous to listen to way. If you ever want to understand a woman in your life, listen to “Normal Girl”, “Weekend”, and “Drew Barrymore” in succession.

2. When People Give Me Gum

I know the plight and struggle a person goes through to keep their gum sacred. And to share treasure with another person is the most respectable thing someone can do. Especially if that treasure is two pieces of Extra Polar Ice.

3. Michelle Lisowksi

Typically, journalists aren’t meant to interview their friends or mention them in articles because of bias. But I promised Michelle she would get a feature before I graduate, so here it is. To explain what makes my best friend so amazing is impossible, there is simply too much to mention, and too little time. It is so exciting and amazing to know that I get to know her for the rest of my life. Her undying support and laughter sustain me, and she is the funniest person alive. 

4. Watching GRWMs

Sorry that I like watching rich people act ridiculous while putting the equivalent of battery acid on their face.

5. Air Force Ones

After stealing my sister’s pair in 7th grade, I finally got my own in 8th. Last year, I sadly had to put them to rest, and retire a loyal soldier. Those shoes meant so much to me, and I’m excited for the day that I can don them again.  

6. Chicago (the city)

What a gorgeous, gorgeous place. Full of stunning architecture, hard working people, and some questionable sandwiches, Chicago is everything you could hope for and more. 

7. Being Tall

Sure, buying heels is a struggle. And sure, hitting another growth spurt your senior year is a little humiliating. But there really is nothing like being able to see people’s bald spots and humble a petite, little man.

8. Being a Hypocrite

Someone once told me, “It’s not illegal to be a hypocrite.” And I live by that every day. There is something so liberating about going back on what you said and contradicting yourself. I really encourage everyone to try this out sometime. 


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Alex Gribb
Alex Gribb, Editor-in-Chief
Hi, I’m Alex Gribb. This is my third and final year at the USJ.  As the Editor-in-Chief, I hope to inform the Student Body, while also investigating hard-hitting stories. I love writing in all genres, except for news, and I am really excited to work with such an amazing staff this year. If I'm not working on journalism, which I always am, you can find me reading a good book, baking, or going on late-night coffee runs with my friends. I have amazing music taste, and my top three artists are Beyoncé, Laufey, and Weston Estate.

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