Denver Metro Area Sees First Snow To ‘Stick,’ Sets Record For Latest First Snow Ever


Carly Philpott

Creek students rush to their first period class Dec. 10. In part because it was so late, Denver’s first snow of the season complicated commutes and made getting to school harder, resulting in many students being late. “I got into [an] accident today,” junior Ella Sommerfeld said of her morning commute.

Carly Philpott, Editor-in-Chief

Snow fell on Denver and surrounding cities Friday, the area’s first snow of the 2021-2022 season, disrupting commutes. The Colorado Department of Transportation reported several road closures and crashes on its traveler information website COTrip.

School for most metro area students was not delayed or canceled, meaning that many students had to find their way to school despite bad weather. Creek students reported heavy traffic, difficult road conditions, late bus pickups, and even accidents.

“I got into [an] accident today,” junior Ella Sommerfeld said.

Other students reported changes to their daily routines due to the weather.

“I wanted to go to Starbucks,” junior Ella Murphy said. “But my car chose to pull a U-turn on Happy Canyon so I went to Black Rock instead.”

Friday’s snow marks the end to a 232-day streak without snow, according to the Denver Post. It is the longest Denver has gone without snow since the city’s weather measurement station was moved to Stapleton Airport in 1948. The Post reported that this is also the latest first snow ever, a full 19 days past the old Nov. 21 record from 1934.

The lack of snow this late in the season can be traced to several climate reasons, including a shift in winds off the coast of South America, according to 5280. An early end to the rainy season, coupled with the absence of snow, has endangered the metro area’s water sources, as reservoirs are not replenished as they should be.

Even now, this snow will likely only amount to a few inches. And The Weather Channel doesn’t report chances of precipitation above 20% for Greenwood Village again until at least Dec. 19.

Still, the first snow is a special occasion for many, despite how late it is.

“I love that it has snowed, but it messes up my perception of time,” Sommerfeld said. “First snow and finals don’t go together in my mind.”

Junior Samantha Pemberton agreed. “All I want to do is cozy up by a fire and read a book,” Pemberton said. “But I need to go to school and study for finals.”