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Hello! I am the Design Editor and a senior. This is my third year with the USJ and second as an editor, and it’s been the best! I love writing, drawing, and playing soccer, and I have a hamster, dog, and two guinea pigs. The most important part of my job is providing art and photography to express the importance of any story because - let’s face it - everyone judges a book by its cover.


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[Photo] Pressure from both sides

Published May 13, 2021
REIMAGINING NORMALCY: An illustration shows what we may expect the IC tunnel to look like at full capacity on a Friday afternoon.

[Photo] Back in-person

Published April 4, 2021
PUSHING CARTS: Courtesy Clerk Mazin Klapperich brings in carts at King Soopers store 096. On the busiest days, such as Sundays, clerks bring in up to 15 carts at a time. Klapperich also expressed sorrow for those killed at the Boulder King Soopers on Mar. 22.

Fights on the Frontlines

Published April 4, 2021
Dec. 8: We’ve all been lonely in quarantine. That’s a no brainer. I know that many people, like myself, decided that quarantine was the perfect time to bring in a new household member.

Meet Hubert (Hughie) Valentina Seckman, a two month old teddy bear Syrian hamster. Norah Seckman, my sister, and I bought him as a new friend to keep us company while cooped up in our house.

“Hamsters are really cute, and I’ve always wanted one,” Norah said. “So, when my dad let me get one, I was happy to do it - especially during quarantine.”

The more and more comfortable he gets in my house, the happier I am staying here at home  because I love watching him be well. Having a pet during these crazy times makes life just a little bit better. – Feature and Managing Editor Madison Seckman

[Photo] 2020: Year in Pictures

Published December 31, 2020
A quick infographic on the best stocking stuffers for 2020. These items are small and useful for keeping everyone safe. Use the links in the story to purchase the items.

What to put in stockings in 2020

Published December 19, 2020
Book blurbs

Book blurbs

Published December 9, 2020
In a remote learning environment, it's a lot easier to break the rules. Students are calling their friends over Discord, FaceTime, and other platforms during school hours. Since students aren't in an environment where teachers can see their every move, they're using the opportunity to socialize.

Calling friends during school

Published December 2, 2020
It's nothing like it used to be. With new COVID-19 restrictions at football games, the players are seeing a change in the atmosphere.

Missing the hype

Published November 26, 2020
Madison Seckman's remote learning space - previously just a laptop to game on - is now a mess just like remote learning. Everything is pilling up, and it is hard to keep track of and make time for school assignments.

How remote learning needs to change

Published November 24, 2020
MAINTAINING COVID PRECAUTIONS: ABM worker Araseli works to clean the school after hours. The custodians must go up and down each row of desks, spraying and wiping them down, in addition to their usual jobs.

[Photo] Behind the scenes

Published October 23, 2020
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