IC Lounge to Undergo Major Renovations

CCSD traditional high schools receive $1.5 million in innovation money


Wold Architects & Engineers

Three years ago, IC Cafe became IC Lounge. Creek bought new furniture for the lounge and redecorated. Next year, IC Lounge will undergo another, far more drastic, change. These pictures show the mock design for the new Lounge.

Creek received $1.5 million as part of the 2020 Bond and Budget election, along with other traditional CCSD high schools such as Grandview and Eaglecrest, Principal Ryan Silva wrote. A team of staff, students, and parents decided where to renovate.

“We were deciding between IC Cafe and the hill below it, and the West Courtyard because there is an empty space there, but there is a liability with the pond because we would need a supervisor out there,” senior Grace Bebarta, one of the students who worked on deciding how to spend the money, said.

The construction will start this summer based on the design the team composed.

“A focusing point was the arts,” Bebarta said. “There will be a space when you walk in [for] a little gallery for a lot of the smaller art projects. We also wanted to accommodate different learning styles; there’s a classroom, and a media room, and everything for different learning styles.”

They noticed there was a need for a variety of dedicated areas for students to eat and spend off periods.

“Students need more study space and more outdoor eating spaces,” senior Tyler Tolbert, a member of the team, said.
The team hopes to use the hill outside of IC Lounge as the outdoor portion of the renovated innovation area.

“We wanted to have an outdoor portion [with] a garage door that opens up outside onto the hill,” Bebarta said. “We wanted something [that could] bring students and faculty together.”