Calling friends during school

Q&A with an anonymous Creek student about their experience with talking to their friends on the phone while in a Zoom or Teams call for school.


Madison Seckman

In a remote learning environment, it’s a lot easier to break the rules. Students are calling their friends over Discord, FaceTime, and other platforms during school hours. Since students aren’t in an environment where teachers can see their every move, they’re using the opportunity to socialize.

Madison Seckman, Design Editor

Q: Why do you call you friends during school?  

A: I call my friends during school because I just prefer socializing than actually learning. Sometimes the topics that school teaches don’t seem necessary, or like, you know, important to everything in life. Like, me knowing that dogs learn tricks because of conditioned learning isn’t gonna help me pay my taxes or vote for my next president, you know. I don’t find school important, so I might as well be spending the time differently.


Q: What are you doing with your friend at the time when you’re on the phone?

A: We make commentary on what our teachers are saying. You can’t laugh at teachers when you’re in school, because they get pissed at you. But, online they don’t know. It’s like, the screen will freeze in them showing on the camera and it looks so stupid that it’s hilarious.


Q: How do you feel when you’re talking to your friends instead of listening to your teachers?

A: Kind of guilty, and a little bit, funny. I know it’s not right, but it’s kind of funny to do. It’s really breaking a rule, you know, talking to others, and teachers don’t even know, and they can never know. You just hit the mute button, and they don’t even know. It’s not like exhilarating or anything; it’s just funny. It’s fun, because you know you don’t have to, with easy classes, you don’t really need to pay attention to them. Those times [that you pay attention] you have to stare at your teacher, and you have to pretend you [care]. But, like if you’re in remote learning, you don’t have to; you get to just zone out.


Q: Have you noticed that other students are doing calls too?  Have you noticed your classmates?

A:  I mean obviously almost everyone stays muted, and I’m pretty sure most of those people are like texting people or calling them while they’re doing school. That’s why they’re muted. I mean, for me, if it’s difficult classes I’m gonna pay attention more, but easier classes, they’re not worth paying attention to so much.


Q: Do you have other activities that you’re doing during class besides talking to people?

A: I do all of their homework assignments that we are supposed to be doing throughout the day – on the other days – but I didn’t do it. The thing is like when you do in person classes, there’s a chance you get caught by the teacher. And, if they catch you doing work for other classes, oh man, you’ll get in trouble. But, online like you can just mute yourself and keep the camera off, and they will never know.