Spilling anxiety: how instagram is a window for creek gossip


Christopher Alvarez

Madison Seckman, Design Editor

Gossip and sexual assault are two things Cherry Creek High School is not new to – the difference is it’s spreading to social media.

Instagram gossip or “tea” profiles about Creek students, including anonymous comments as far as sexual assault to simple jokes or compliments directed at friends, are gaining popularity. 

Cherrycreekhs.confessions said they decided to make their account because they saw “Tik Toks of other high schools making tea accounts.”

“A lot of the accounts are run by random people who’ve never even heard of the school,” they said. 

With all of them popping up, some students are wondering what they contain content-wise.

Most of the content in these accounts comes from students at Creek who make little confessions about themselves or other students. One student said, “I was once actually locked in my gym locker because I was small enough to fit and I was left there for like an hour”. 

The accounts are creating a new culture of spreading jokes quickly – and in a fairly public manner. “A lot of the confessions that get sent in are jokes made by someone’s friend,” said ccspilled.

Some of the confessions are more severe. 

A student confessed, “I dated a guy from Creek and he physically and sexually abused me.”

There are many confessions about sexual assault on these pages, and sometimes posting these confessions can make the account owners anxious. The anxiety comes from wanting to spread the truth and not rumors.

“There’s always a chance that the allegation is fake, but I don’t wanna believe that it is incase it’s not ‘cause then I feel as if I’m not believing the victim,” said cchs.teapage.

Some accounts delete the post if someone says it’s wrong. This account makes sure the confession is true by getting screenshots of texts or an alibi – depending on the story. And, they make sure to tell the victims how strong they are for sharing those intense stories. 

They said, “when people started coming forward and trusted me enough to share, I started to see how this account can be a safe place.”

“It’s still a tea page but just a way to spread awareness, too,” said cchs.teapage.