What to put in stockings in 2020

A list of ten essential and small gifts to give to friends and family for the holidays in 2020.


Madison Seckman

A quick infographic on the best stocking stuffers for 2020. These items are small and useful for keeping everyone safe. Use the links in the story to purchase the items.

Madison Seckman, Design Editor

A complete list of links to websites where you can purchase the items mentioned in this infographic.

  1. $10 Masks Amazon
  2. $8 Hand sanitizer Bath and Body Works
  3. $15 Hand lotion Bath and Body Works
  4. $5 Disposable Gloves Target
  5. $10 2020 ornaments Amazon
  6. $5 Air freshener Walmart
  7. $15 Earbuds Best Buy
  8. $8 COVID bookmarks Amazon
  9. $10+ Gift card to online store Amazon card
  10. $9 No touch door openers Target