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Quality over Quantity: Rating Fast Food

Anaiah Sharukh
In the world of fast food dining, we will not often find a restaurant that serves delectable food at an affordable price with decent customer service. In-N-Out is one of those elusive elixirs of cheap, delicious, and pleasant. But let’s talk about Colorado’s other offerings: the good, the bad, the heavenly, and the garbage.

Fast food is hit or miss. It’s either tasty and affordable, delivered with terrible service, or it has great service but tastes like dog food. There are very rare cases where all three are in unison, and I tried to uncover these exceptions in the following list.

Taco Bell: 2/10 

Taco Bell just brings shame to all tacos and burritos. I’ve gotten Taco Bell a few times in my life, and each experience makes me hate it even more. When I receive my food after ordering, it’s so uncomfortably soggy and droopy. I love crunchy tacos, but Taco Bell just does not deliver. The only reason Taco Bell has a 2/10 is because of the prices and the infamous Baja Blast. The prices are fairly reasonable, around $2.00 just for a taco or burrito and $9.90 for a chicken quesadilla combo. Taco Bell’s Baja Blast, something the restaurant is most known for, is really the only good thing there. It’s delicious, and makes me wonder if Taco Bell stole it from a different restaurant.

Wendy’s: 4/10 

Straight off the bat, Wendy’s is disgusting. I hate the way their food tastes. The burgers are so bland and even the soft drinks taste really strange. They are so unnaturally sour and make me nervous to drink. The customer service is bad too. I liked Wendy’s when I was a little kid, but over the years my appreciation has faded quickly.

Chick-fil-A: 4.6/10

“My pleasure!” Yeah right. Chick-fil-A is a super popular restaurant, having people craving it almost every day. But their homophobic practices and rude employees are going to be their downfall. The taste of their sandwiches has also been a little bit strange to me. Way too crunchy and really oily. Their waffle fries barely have any seasoning and if you’re anything like me, waffle fries do not match the salt levels that are required for my taste. Affordability-wise, it’s a little overpriced. $5.69 for just a spicy chicken sandwich is a rip-off in my book.

McDonald’s: 5.8/10

McDonald’s is a fan favorite. From the Big Mac’s to their Oreo McFlurry’s, the golden arches are a very popular fast food franchise. Personally, I think McDonald’s could pick it up in the taste category, maybe making their burgers less dry and letting their ice cream machine work for once. I have to admit, they sometimes have good deals. $1, $2, and $3 dollar menu items are enough to hook me in. But, the service from McDonald’s sucks. Pretty much everytime I go to McDonalds my order is always messed up in some way; getting charged for things I didn’t order or not even receiving the right meal. When I try to ask for my correct order I’m always given side eyes and snarky responses.

Raising Cane’s: 9/10 

Cane’s is definitely a good place to stop by if you’re ever in the mood for some good ol’ chicken tenders. I love the Box Combo with a passion. The tenders are really juicy and the fries have the perfect amount of salt. And don’t even get me started on the Cane’s sauce; it’s absolutely delicious. Overall, the taste is pretty good, customer service is nothing too bad, but the employee’s are always rushing me to take the order and trying to make the line of cars continue through.

Subway Sandwiches: 9.5/10

Subway was my go-to fast food place when I was younger. The sandwiches at Subway are amazing, the in-store experience is nice as well; I’ve never met a bad Subway employee so far, which is a plus. I have to say the only reason Subway is missing out on 0.5 points is because of the prices. I don’t want to pay $11.50 for a footlong Ultimate Steak. It feels too overpriced.

In-N-Out: 10/10 

In-N-Out originally came from California and made its way to Colorado in 2020. The first time I had In-N-Out, I never wanted to leave. The taste of a double-double melted on my tongue, and the service was amazing. The workers there are so respectful and nice, and I’ve never had a bad experience with them or felt uncomfortable while ordering. The prices are relatively reasonable as well. The menu doesn’t have much variety, but the burgers and fries are absolutely delicious. Their secret menu is so good as well, and I love exchanging my buns for lettuce to add that extra crunch.

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Anaiah Shahrukh, Assistant Features Editor
 Hi! I'm Anaiah and I'm a freshman. It's my first time doing journalism, and I'm super excited. I enjoy writing and photography so I thought this might be a fun opportunity to pursue those interests! Outside of school I mainly just write my own personal short stories on various platforms and listen to music. 

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