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Students Band Together to Blend Performing Arts With the National Music Honor Society

Peter Philpott
Students at the Tri-M Music Honor Society interest meeting after school on Jan. 31 watch a presentation by club president juniors Adaire Bruff (left) and Dhruv Sodani. “I hope [members] can get a connection with kids and musicians and other departments…and get this for their resume,” Sodani said.

A group of students from Creek’s fine arts department worked together to form a new chapter of the national Tri-M Music Honor Society (NMHS). Formerly known as the Modern Music Masters, the Tri-M organization aims to open up opportunities for musically-passionate and academically gifted students across the country.

Leaders included representatives from choir, orchestra, band, and theater. They held interest meetings during and after school on Jan. 31. Over 50 students attended.

The two club presidents, juniors Dhruv Sodani and Adaire Bruff of orchestra, are excited for the community that NMHS could create. “It’s a big opportunity for musicians to connect with other schools,” Sodani said. “I hope they can get a connection with kids and musicians and other departments.”

Sophomore Brooke Balogh, the representative of Concert Band and Jazz Band B, saw a chance to grow connections with others, while expanding her own portfolio.

“I’ve always wanted to go academically and musically beyond my potential,” Balogh said. “I think this is a really good way to get to know musicians.”

Some of NMHS’s requirements involve GPA standards, similar to many other honor societies. Members must have at least B’s in all their classes, or C’s in weighted classes. Additionally, students must have an A in their music class.

Members will also partake in community service; they are required to do five hours of volunteering per semester, and are encouraged to participate in their organized music therapy program at Holly Creek and Someren Glen retirement homes. Other Creek community service programs also operate at those facilities.

“[Music therapy] promotes health and wellbeing, reducing isolation and enriching the lives of all participants,” Holly Creek Volunteer Coordinator Becky Stouder said. “[It] connects area musicians with older adults through live and interactive music programs designed to engage, entertain and educate seniors.”

Stouder says that community service where young generations work with the elderly is incredibly helpful for all of those involved.

“Community service is purposeful in bringing together different generations in ongoing and mutually beneficial activities such as mentoring and volunteerism,” Stouder said. “Older adults love hearing about the lives of young adults and have wisdom and experience to share.”

The work that students did to create the club, as sponsor and orchestra teacher Jennifer Poole noticed, displayed initiative and leadership.

“I would say Adaire and Dhruv have taken the initiative to create everything from bylaws to all the executive positions,” Poole said. “They’ve done their research.”

Choir sophomore Lilianne Jones showed up at the interest meeting after school because of her passion for community and musical arts. She also showed interest in joining the NMHS’s leadership team later on.

“I really value music and choir and all this connection with people who also love music,” Jones said. “I’m excited to connect with a whole different form of music and just meet new people and have fun along the way.”

Poole noted that this sphere of Creek culture hasn’t been cultivated into a united community enough.

“I hope that they can create a cohesive community together in collaboration between band, orchestra, choir, and theater,” Poole said. “One of the main goals is helping create a smaller field here at Creek within performing arts.”

All leaders also emphasized the appeal that membership and leadership would have on a college resume. Balogh also hopes that this “trial semester” will set up a good foundation for future years of the club.

“I hope to [have] a really fun experience for this semester and create a really strong community, especially going into next year,” she said. “I think we can create a really good base for upcoming freshmen.”

Sodani suggested that with further discussion, the NMHS could find a way to blend all the departments for group performances.

“I hope they can get a connection with kids and musicians and other departments,” he said. “[They can] have performance opportunities with other kids and really just impact their community more.”

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