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‘Pink Friday 2’ Is the Feeling of Realizing It’s Friday After A Long, Hard Week

Pink Friday 2 Is the Feeling of Realizing Its Friday After A Long, Hard Week
Young Monkey Entertainment

For the past 14 years, Nicki Minaj fans bided their time waiting for her to release Pink Friday 2, the sequel to “The Queen of Rap’s” 2010 hit album. Waiting for albums is tiring and takes time, but not everyone has the patience for it. People forget artists when they don’t release content frequently, and for Nicki Minaj to wait 14 years to give her fans a new album has been viewed as atrocious. But for me, patience is key to success. And Minaj came through with a successful album that’s like (actually) having snow on Christmas.

“Pink Friday” was a huge hit after its release on Nov 22, 2010, reaching number one on Billboard. But now, “Pink Friday 2” has surpassed even that, hitting number one again and garnering the most sales for female rappers in the last four years. 

“Pink Friday 2” makes the old album look like a joke. The rap queen has once again outdone the whole industry and proven that she truly deserves the crown. This album shows a lot of love for her newborn child and also talks about her father helping her become the person she is now, even after rough times. 

Only a few rappers talk about things that helped them become who they are now like Minaj does on this album. There’s a big difference between her and other female rappers, starting at the heart. Most rappers don’t talk about love and being helped as much as how she did. 

“There is a river that I go to when it heals me recently became a mama and it thrills me even when the water is rocky and it chills me,” Minaj sang in “Blessings.”

This is the beginning of a new era for the rap industry, especially Nicki. In the past, she rapped about sex and violence more than anything. Like in “Roman’s Revenge,” she has referred to violent acts. 

“And I kick that hoe punt force blunt you play the back im the front,” she rapped in “Roman’s Revenge,” from the original “Pink Friday” album. 

Many rappers talk about sex and violence back to back, consider Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” and Cardi B’s “Up” which was posted not long after WAP. Even after the release of “WAP,” and “Up,” they haven’t got a clue on why people get tired of their music. Cardi B’s music shows that all that’s on their mind is sex and violence.

In “Last Time I Saw You” and “Are You Gone Already,” Minaj talks about how she misses her father, who passed away on Feb. 13, 2021. She talks about how she was broken when she was in a hurry and missed his call for help.

“I wish I’da hugged you tighter the last time that I saw you. I wish I didn’t waste precious time the night when I called you. I wish I remembered to say I’d do anything for you. Maybe I pushed you away because I thought that I’d bore you,” she raps in“ Last Time I Saw You.

At the beginning of “Are You Gone Already,” you can hear Nicki talking with her baby. When the song starts you feel the sadness of losing her dad and him not being here to see his grandchild. As the song continues you hear how torn she is that her father won’t be there to watch his grandchild grow up.

“You never gotta meet Papa he keeps Mama on her toes I needed help you booked a flight in three days you meet Papa…. Set me set me free, why didn’t you come back to me let me let me be why wasn’t anyone meant to love me rich yes but are you happy all this guilt you carry is heavy,” she raps in “Are You Gone Already.”

She has risen above the societal standards for a young black woman, as she didn’t have much growing up but has found success with her career. Minaj was born on Dec. 4, 1982, and as a young girl, she grew up in South Jamaica, Queens. When she moved to America, her father became addicted to drugs and alcohol and often became a tyrant of power over her mother. 

In earlier years she made a song, “Autobiography,” that went into the first “Pink Friday” album. The song talks about her father being the man he was and the baby she aborted and wished she could meet them later in life again. Nicki truly had it rough and still loved her dad even though it was hard.

Now Minaj has a second chance with her baby and being able to make a song talking about missing her father is out of this world. This is more than most rappers these days can even conjure in their heads.

During a Hollywood Access interview about the song, Nicki Minaj released “Barbie World” for the soundtrack of the Barbie movie. Minaj revealed that she only had one Barbie growing up and how it melted her heart when the producers asked for her to be a part of a great Barbie production.

Other black female rappers have experienced hardships similar to Minaj’s, but their songs lack a sense of appreciation for where they started and the things that helped them become who they are. Most female rappers’ newest albums are nothing compared to the messages in her songs.

Cardi B’s latest album, “Invasion of Privacy,” released in 2018, hits nothing like this new album. There are so many songs about cheating men and wishing they did things to show that they were loyal. This is why “Pink Friday 2” is just better; it’s giving us something refreshing. If Cardi B keeps us waiting for as long as Minaj did, she better give us a godly album. If not, there’s no chance for Cardi B to ever have the title of ‘Queen of Rap.’

“Pink Friday Two” was refreshing like a tall glass of lemonade, and I can’t wait till the queen releases her next divine album. She’s like a drug. Her music is so addictive and her voice is memorizing the way her lines rhyme so smoothly just like a baby’s bum. To finalize this godly album, I can only say that it’s an astonishing Christmas present for everyone.

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