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Freshman Watergirl Nina Karami Follows in Her Sister’s Footsteps

Quinn Rudnick
Freshman Nina Karami is one of the Creek football team’s water girls. At every practice, game, and meeting, she delivers water to coaches, players, and refs.

Freshman Nina Karami has a job that many wouldn’t find difficult, but it has more layers than just filling up water. As a watergirl for Creek’s football teams, she attends every team meeting, every practice, and every game.

“It looks easy, but it’s actually really hard,” Karami said. “I like to be as helpful as I can and I like to be able to contribute.” 

What made her so interested in this job was her sister, Neeki Karami, who was the head manager of the watergirl team for three years. 

“I did it because my sister did it, and I am really inspired by her,“ Nina said.

The job often keeps her out of school, from required meetings that take place during school, to team practices and games. On top of that Karami has to sacrifice her time after school to help with practices and still has to keep her grades up to stay on the team. “I would say homework is really challenging to manage along with football,” she said. “But sometimes it’s actually really fun.”

For the team, Karami is crucial to their practices and games throughout the season. 

 “We’d be dying [without her],” freshman right guard Paul Orban said. 

For Karami, there are a lot of benefits that come with this job. Mainly, it gives her volunteering hours. Through the position, Nina has also become more involved and connected to Creek.

“It’s also beneficial because I like to be as helpful as I can,” Karami said, “And I like to be able to contribute to the Creek community.”

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Claire Hansen
Claire Hansen, Staff Writer
Hi, I’m Claire, this is my first year at USJ and I am a freshman. I am really excited to be doing journalism, for the opportunities that I will get from it and the connections that I will get with the school.
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Maya Marino, Staff Writer
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Quinn Rudnick, Junior Editor-in-Chief & Sports Editor
Hello, my name is Quinn Rudnick, and I am a junior at CCHS - and this is my third year on staff at the USJ. This year, I am the Junior Editor-in-Chief and Sports Editor. I hold a strong passion for both journalism and photojournalism, and intend to pursue a career in political journalism. As a journalist, I strive to present information to the student body and beyond in a factual and digestible fashion. I write a lot about local and global politics, as well as local theatre and events around the school. You can find me at a lot of Creek sports games, fueling my passion for sports photography and reporting. Outside of the USJ, I follow Formula One racing, the Nuggets and the Avs, and I love snowboarding.

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