Laufey’s First Studio Album Should Be a Teenage Girl Classic


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Icelandic singer Laufey relesed her debut album “Everything I Know About Love” on August 26.

Alex Gribb, Opinions Editor

Icelandic singer, songwriter, and composer Laufey released her debut studio album Everything I Know About Love on August 26th. This album was gorgeous from beginning to end, with the good songs being amazing, and the bad songs being just okay; a feat which few artists have achieved over this summer. 

Laufey would fit nicely in any playlist with Daniel Caesar and H.E.R, and although not being in the R&B genre, Laufey’s mellow vibe depicts love in the same light: as something precious and special. 

But characterizing Laufey’s album with simple adjectives and comparisons isn’t enough. Her lyricism is complimented by layered vocals and an effervescent orchestra supporting her voice. 

To demonstrate the excellency of Laufey’s songs, I am gifting you a lyric from every song on this album.

1. Fragile

“Born in a case of fragile glass / But hammer away, it’s time to crash”

Laufey sings of her safe upbringing preventing her from interacting with others, specifically romantic interests. Teenage girls are often taught by their mothers that they need to prevent others from seeing them sexually, rather than sons being taught to see women as more than objects. This mindset is projected onto young women making them cautious about love and lust, wondering if their mothers’ fears will turn true. Laufey fights against this in her lyrics, explaining to young girls that being vulnerable with someone you love is special and important.

2. Beautiful Stranger

“A fairytale moment could have occurred / But my beautiful stranger will have to remain / A stranger until I see him again”

This is the pinnacle of a “hallway crush.” With one look, and one look alone, every romantic scenario imaginable can come to mind with this increasingly popular form of romance. These potential moments are irresistible to a hopeless romantic, and Laufey’s knowledge of this feeling either means she’s really good at tapping into other’s pain, or experiences it herself.

3. Valentine

“I’m scared of flies / I’m scared of guys / Someone please help”

A first relationship is hard. A first relationship for someone who has never let herself be in love is even harder. This is the song to listen to if you are about to start a relationship, as it captures the excitement and the worry all at once.

4. Above The Chinese Restaurant

Then you left in may / Took the wrong long way back home / Wish I’d known that I had all I could want

Arguably Laufey’s best song on the entire album, “Above The Chinese Restaurant” tackles the idea of being broke and in love. The causes of stress in an adult’s life typically involve rent and jobs, rather than  more youthful struggles with hope and love. Laufey is saying that we must hold onto that optimism, because without it, we will lose the people who matter to us.

5. Dear Soulmate

“Dear soulmate / One day I’ll give this song to you”

The idea of a soulmate is one of the most misunderstood by modern teenagers. If soulmates are real, I almost guarantee you won’t find yours in highschool, and you definitely won’t find that person while looking for love in everyone you see.

6. What Love Will Do To You

“Read my favorite book / For the hundredth time / At least I know of how it ends”

Being someone who reads romance, this lyric is so special, because I feel seen. The appeal of romance is not the attractive characters or amazing plotlines, but the safety in knowing that the characters will be fine, and even if their hearts get broken, there will be a new boy on their arm in a day. The same unrealistic standard can not be set for real romance.

7. I’ve Never Been In Love Before

“So please forgive this helpless haze I’m in”

Feeling helpless while in love is not only for innocent, inexperienced people. If the person is right, they will make you feel scared out of excitement. The true show of inexperience is apologizing for feeling normal, as being out of control is one of the most terrifying and extraordinary feelings in the entire world.

8. Just Like Chet

“Unfortunately, I’m too romantic, dramatic for that reality”

Blaming yourself for the problems of others is one of the easiest things you can do after a breakup, or anything really. Someone’s dramatic and “excessive” personality is exactly the reason someone, someday, will fall in love with them. I also do not know who Chet is.

9. Everything I Know About Love

“I don’t know that much at all / I trip, I fall / Everytime I try, it’s all too much”

In this “Super Rich Kids” (Frank Ocean) melodical duplicate, Laufey mentions the idea of love as portrayed by the media, or in this case, literally anyone on TikTok. Seen as a hyper romanticized, peaceful thing, love is made to look easy, making those who don’t have it look down on themselves. In reality, however, no one person can define love, because it is never exactly the same for everyone.

10. Falling Behind

“And all that I can find / A sickly romance in the air.”

 This lyric reminds me of Valentine’s day, filled with “love” but consumed with jealousy. Being single for such a long time can make you bitter, and envious. And there isn’t a true antidote to this pain other than copious amounts of non romance related media, which only serves as a distraction.

11. Hi

“We both knew I had to go away, away to a place much bigger than this”

This is Laufey’s worst song. Although this lyric isn’t bad, I had to dig to even get something decent. With no metaphors to work with, this lyric is basic, but sad. However, in the context of the song’s Forever-21 melody, its effect is entirely diluted.

12. Dance With You Tonight

“Now the gin is hitting me and it’s almost half-past three / Am I crazy or seeing things”

You are on the dance floor, drunk on happiness, and this song comes on. Personally, I would go crazy to some jazz, but I understand that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Regardless, the essence of a long night winding down was captured and concentrated into this very short song.

13. Night Light

“All of the laughter / All of the sleepless nights.”

If you have a sibling going off to college, do not listen to this song. Laufey tackles leaving behind childhood, and viewing her young self through memories. This is something that I am not prepared to do, nor do I want to hear in song, even if it was as amazing as this one. 

In its entirety, Everything I Know About Love took the teenage girl experience and wrapped it up gorgeously with a bow. Despite some goofy lyrics, Laufey killed it with her debut album, and I am insanely excited to see what she comes out with next, especially if it is overpriced merch.