The Hateful Eight: Eight Things I Hate (I)

Alex Gribb, Opinions Editor

As one of the most judgemental people you will ever meet, I decided to compile all of my dislikes into a list-one could call it a guide-on what not to do, and what not to like.

1. Pumpkin Spice Latte Haters

Why on God’s green earth would you hate a beverage as delectable as this? I mean honestly, if you believe PSLs (Pumpkin Spice Lattes for you uncultured people) are bad, then you are not someone I would ever want to spend any holiday with.

2. Caramel

Overly sweet. Overhyped. Bad.

3. School Colors Being Red and Black

When I see these colors together on a gym floor, all I can think about is how I want to leave, and go somewhere far away, to a land where people have taste. This is not Dracula’s lair, this is where 100 kids get foot fungus every year. 

4. DJ Khaled

It seems impossible that in this day and age “We the Best Music” can still be heard in songs. The lack of talent shines through every song Khaled makes, and he should just retire as the worst producer of all time. 

5. Cowl Necklines

Party in the front, ugly literally everywhere else. These necklines on dresses were popular a year ago, but if you wore them, you were lying to yourself about the way it looked. Safe to say, I will take a corset dress over this any day.

6. The Lack of Paper Towels In Creek Bathrooms

We have a brand new IC lounge, but no paper towels? The math isn’t adding up, and neither is the amount of dried hands. Get it? Because there are none. 

7. Baseball

I don’t care if you think it’s the hardest sport, it is insanely boring. It’s like watching someone watching a recording of paint drying. I will say, however, that a vintage baseball jersey does make a good thrift find. 

8. Crocs

Do not think that wearing crocs is appropriate, especially without socks. If you took a plastic cup, shoved it over your toes and poked holes in it, you would have the same effect. Overall, this swiss cheese wannabe should have been ditched in 2016, much like Trump.