Creek Raises $51,000 For Bags of Fun in Record Power Week: See Moments Here


Alex Gribb

Students gathered in the Fine Arts Theater on Thursday night to watch Mr. Creek, a longtime Power Week tradition where male Creek students perform in a pageant-like competition. After battling against other candidates, senior Cooper Collins won the title of Mr. Creek in front of a sold out crowd. “It was very unexpected and kind of surreal. Any one of the candidates could’ve won Mr. Creek, and when they said my name I think I almost passed out,” Collins said. “I probably would’ve if the guys didn’t pick me up.”

Power Week is a spirit week-like fundraiser for the non-profit organization Bags of Fun. The money raised goes to creating bags filled with fun toys, games, and activities for kids who are hospitalized long-term. The bags include toys and fun commodities for kids in the hospital to enjoy while undergoing treatment.

“I think my favorite part of Power Week as a whole was just seeing everyone come together for a great cause,” senior Cooper Collins, who won Mr. Creek on Thursday night, said. “But I also really loved the dress-up days.”

Students came to school dressed up for different themes like barbecue dads, soccer moms, Adam Sandler, music genres, and Hawaiian.

Activities like Mr. Creek on Thursday which was a talent competition for the upperclassmen boys. There was also a pep assembly on Friday, 3v3 basketball on Monday, and Cherry Creek Sports Network broadcasting for an entire school day as well.

Students raised money to be collected for Bags Of Fun during the pep assembly on Friday, Feb. 17.

“Throughout the week, [Student] Senate pushed for donations from their classmates as well as people at home,” student body president TJ Hubble said.

In the end, the total amount of money raised came to an enormous $51,000, which is $11,000 over the initial goal. Creek was very excited.

“I was very surprised that we raised over $50,000. We raised so much last year so I think there was a lot of pressure to do well this year. It was very exciting to unveil the check,” senior pep assembly MC Greer Simonton said over a text interview.

Creek’s donation to Bags of Fun not only makes the Creek student body feel good about what they raised, but will give back to those in need.

“Power Week is something that we senators pour out hearts and souls into,” Hubble said. “It is definitely a highlight of the year.”

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  • On Monday, senior Raegan Knobbe (pictured) and juniors Coco Katskee and William McDavid hosted a livestream for Cherry Creek Sports Network, aiming to raise funds for Bags of Fun and celebrate Power Week’s kick-off. The livestream featured special guests like senior Blake Purchase and 9News reporter Scotty Gange. “The importance of hosting this livestream is to raise money for Bags of Fun,” senior Sam Pemberton, who participated in the live stream, said. “[It] impacts the students by getting them ready for the events, [the] dress up days to come, and to raise money to support Bags of Fun.”

  • Over the course of power week, students dressed up to fit certain themes, like Hawaiian or Adam Sandler. On Tuesday, students dressed up as ‘barbeque dads’ or ‘soccer moms’ to celebrate power week and help encourage donations to Bags Of Fun. Even some faculty members, including math teacher Tim Peterson, dressed up for the day.

  • Sophomores Tseyang Sherpa (left) and Arnad Erdenesaikhan (right) showed their Power week spirit on Tuesday, dressing up as a ‘Barbecue Dad’ and a ‘Soccer Mom.’

  • A teacher band, Bruin Brothers Band, performed at the Talent Show on Tuesday. The talent show also features various other performances, like student bands, solo singers, pianists, beatboxers, juggling club acts, and dancers.

  • Juniors Alex Fellows and Judah Walker and sophomore Sovereign Walker performed during the Talent Show, accompanied by another 24 acts throughout the evening.

  • Students gathered in IC715 on Wednesday to play Mario Kart, one of the activities offered during Power Week. Other events like Shazam!, Brain Bowl, and a Talent Show were all open to students as well.

  • Students cheered during the pep assembly on Friday, which featured performances from the Poms, Unified Spirit, Step Clubs, and Cheer teams. The assembly wrapped up a week-long effort to raise money for Bags Of Fun, where students dressed up and attended activities to support donations. “I think my favorite part of Power Week as a whole was just seeing everyone come together for a great cause,” senior Cooper Collins, who won Mr. Creek on Thursday night, said. “But I also really loved the dress up days.”

  • Pep assembly MC senior Maya Snell smiles while the other senior MC, Greer Simonton, introduced the Bags of Fun charity to an energetic crowd.

  • Students raised money to be collected for Bags Of Fun, an organization which aims to provide joy and entertainment for children suffering long term illness, during the pep assembly on Friday. “Throughout the week, [Student] Senate pushed for donations from their classmates as well as people at home,” student body president TJ Hubble said.

  • Unified Spirit performed with members of Poms in the pep assembly to the theme song from “The Avengers.”

  • Senior John Martinez looks to borrow pom-poms from a Cherry Creek varsity poms member after winning the pep assembly musical chairs against junior Max Parrott.

  • Bollywood Club performs during the Pep Assembly. “It meant that we were represented in a way not usually seen in American media. Usually Indian music and dance in western media is stereotyped to be bobbing heads and the classic ‘dinga ding.’ But it’s more than that and it has roots to do with culture,” Junior Akshita Bisoyi said. “For us Bollywood was our growth and our childhood, and we enjoy it. But at the end of the day, it was about having fun and making sure we bring that same joy that we have to the audience.”

  • Senior Winter Irby performs with Step Club, wearing their iconic camouflage red-white-and-blue uniform.

  • K-pop Club performs the dance to “Candy” by NCT DREAM.

  • Junior Lauren Ellis flies in a stunt holding her cherry sign. Varsity cheer and poms both performed in the assembly.

  • Mr. Creek candidates perform their dance that debuted the night earlier during the pep assembly. Winning senior Cooper Collins reflected on the show post win. “I had a great time doing the whole show of Mr Creek and seeing all of the guys do so good!” he said over text interview.

  • Senior Mila Radz breathes deeply after the poms performance. Cheer, poms, and Unified Spirit performed during the assembly.

  • Senate members pose with the $51,000 check, representing what Creek raised throughout power week. “Power Week is something that us senators pour out hearts and souls into. It is definitely a highlight of the year for Senate,” student body president TJ Hubble said over text interview.

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