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Jordan Herron’s Calling: Prove Everybody Wrong

Quinn Rudnick
Senior Jordan Herron has grown up with sports, learning from his father and playing with his brothers. Now, he plays football and basketball for Creek and intends to continue improving his skill.

Senior Jordan Herron’s entire life has been dominated by sports.

Growing up in an athletic environment, Herron has been developing his ambitious athletic mindset from a very young age. And he doesn’t plan on stopping now.

“Growing up seeing my brothers and cousins play football, I just had the same mindset as them,” Herron said. “I carry [their influence] with me, and I still want to be better than them, so I just hold a ‘grudge.’ It always makes me want to improve myself.”

But familial pressure didn’t end with competition. As he developed his athletic abilities, Herron also felt extra pressure from his father, who was a well known athlete when he was Herron’s age.

“My dad was always hard on me, he [had] high expectations for me. And since I’m his son, he expected me to do more than him,” Herron said. “My dad was a great person, [he] was the greatest at his school.”

For Herron, the balance between his mother and father’s attitude towards his athletics helped him bounce back after tough criticism. While his father wanted perfection, his mother was always around to help him refocus on the sport.

“[My dad] was always pushing me [to find] what I could do better. And I’d just get down on myself. And it’s sad. I just lost focus,” Herron said. “My mom was always there to help me on track.”

Herron is currently a multi-sport athlete; he plays varsity for both the basketball and football teams. Despite being well-regarded for his football talent, Jordan has gravitated towards basketball since he was a child, and didn’t expect to start playing football.

“Just growing up, I liked basketball more. My older brother played basketball. And my dad played basketball,” Herron said. “Everybody played basketball, and I just always wanted to be that basketball ‘person,’ and somehow football got me.”

Still, Jordan is able to find individuality in football.

“I’m just different from other people, [I have] different things that I can bring to the table like speed, catching, all that stuff,” Herron said. “And I feel like in basketball, everybody can do that. Everybody’s fast. Everybody can be physical. I feel like that’s different from football.”

Despite his love for basketball, Herron more acknowledged talent lies in football. In the 2023-24 season alone, Herron ranked top 19 in Colorado for total yards, top 5 in Division 5A in total touchdowns, and ranked first in rushing yards, total points, and total touchdowns in 5A Centennial. Herron is hoping to repeat this success on the basketball court, and his individuality it seen by more than just himself.

“He’s improved every year for sure in basketball, and of course in football as well,” head boys basketball coach James Hartsfield said. “He’s just an athlete and so we know that he’ll be able to bring a different dynamic to our team.”

For most high school athletes, the dream is to play in college, Herron is no different. But in order to make it to college leagues, he feels constant pressure to be the best he can be, both in sports and as a person. His efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

“He’s very respectful, well mannered and just a good kid to be around,” Hartsfield said. “That makes us coaches happy. We know that he’ll be a good teammate.”

Still, Herron sees this progress as a continuous motion.

“I find myself every day [trying] to become the best person I can,” Herron said. “And I want to be the best to come out of Creek. [Criticism] just pushes me even harder to make it to college [basketball] and make it to the league and just prove everybody wrong.”

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Avery Hutchins
Avery Hutchins, Assistant Sports Editor
Hi, I’m Avery and I’m a junior at Creek. I’m the Assistant Sports Editor and this is my second year with the USJ. I’ve always had an interest in sports and enjoy writing about them. Outside of the USJ, I play baseball and tennis for Creek, play summer baseball through a club, and enjoy spending time with my family and friends.
Kellen Ringland
Kellen Ringland, Assistant Sports Editor
I am Kellen Ringland, I am a sophomore at CCHS and this is my first year as a part of the USJ. I was actually recommended to join the USJ during my freshman year because of my strengths in  writing and being passionate about listening and learning about the world around us. I play baseball for Creek and will be playing during the fall and spring season. I grew up with the passion of learning and playing sports. I enjoy reading any article about baseball, football, basketball, etc. I hope for this year to be a journalist mostly for Creek sports and writing about hard fought victors and even the heartbreaking losses for the USJ. I dream of one day playing in the MLB, because you can find me outside of school always trying to improve the way I play the game my heart desires.
Quinn Rudnick
Quinn Rudnick, Editor-in-Chief
Hello, my name is Quinn Rudnick, and I am the USJ's Editor-in-Chief. I am a senior at CCHS - and this is my fourth year on staff at the USJ. I hold a strong passion for both journalism and photojournalism, and intend to pursue a career in politics and law. As a journalist, I strive to present information to the student body and beyond in a factual and digestible fashion. The importance of journalism is based in allowing the public to understand what's happening around them, so that is what I strive to do. I write a lot about local and global politics, as well as local theatre and events around the school. You can find me at a lot of Creek sports games, fueling my passion for sports photography and reporting. Outside of the USJ, I follow Formula One racing, the Nuggets and the Avs, and I love being outside, whether that's on hikes, or by snowboarding and mountain biking. 

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