Seven Creek Teachers Retiring: Ready To Take On New Adventures


Meron Banjaw

Seven Creek teachers will be retiring after this school year ends: Andy Eichorn, Sally Adams-Moos, Rae Lyn Young, Leigh Vinzant, Karl Mimmack, Darren Knox, and Cayel Dwyer.

Meron Banjaw, Staff Writer

As the school year draws to a close, students and teachers alike are preparing for a transition. For retiring teachers, this can be a bittersweet moment as they say goodbye to students and colleagues and prepare to embark on a new chapter in their lives. At the end of the 2023 school year there will be 7 teachers retiring. The Union Street Journal interviewed four teachers who are finishing up their last year at Creek.  


Rae Lyn Young, science teacher:

Although science teacher Rae Lyn Young has now decided to retire, she says that she has no doubts that she will remain a dedicated teacher who loves what she does until the last second.

“I’m very excited to retire even though I don’t exactly know how to retire. I am not leaving because I don’t want to be here, but because it’s just time for me to make a change,” Young said.

In her 19 years at Creek, she has taught physical science, physics, and chemistry at both CP and honors levels. Despite how much her curriculum and her classes have changed over the years, she believes that one thing remains constant: making connections with students is remarkable.

“As I look back, I think just the connections that you make with kids are special, teaching them how to get through life versus just getting through science [class],”  Young said.

Although teaching isn’t what it used to be, according to Young, the lessons taught in schools are still as important as they were when she started out.

“It’s not about content anymore honestly – it’s all about relationships; either with students or fellow teachers, it’s just not what you’ve taught them but how students make you feel and hopefully how you make them feel,” she said.

During her career, Young organized and participated in some unique experiences, such as launching rockets outside on a football field.

“There was a day we were launching rockets out on the football [field], it was the best day ever. Everybody got drenched [since] it rained, but nobody cared, everybody was having a good time,” she said.


Sally Adams-Moos, physical education and health teacher: 

After 42 years of teaching at Creek, Sally Moos is also retiring. Moos has taught a variety of classes including team sports, individual sports, swimming, and archery. Her favorite classes to teach are individual sports that involve racquets, such as tennis and pickleball. 

“When kids find success with what they’re doing, and they’re getting exercise, and they’re having fun doing it, that makes your job easy,” Moos said. 

As she prepares for retirement, Moos is excited about her next adventure.

“Today, somebody asked ‘Moos, how many days do you have left?’ and I went, ‘I’m not counting, I just want to enjoy the weeks that are left. I want to enjoy it and have fun,’” Moos said.

While she will miss the people in her department and working with students, she is looking forward to the new opportunities retirement will bring.

As Moos says goodbye to teaching, she leaves behind a legacy of dedication and passion for helping students find success and joy in sports and fitness.

“I know that I probably will miss the people in our department, and I’ll miss working with kids. I’m sure I’ll do some volunteer work somewhere. And maybe that will be with students, I don’t know, we’ll see what that brings. That’s a new adventure,” Moos said.


Andy Eichorn, english teacher: 

For the past 26 years, Andrew Eichorn has been teaching English at Creek, and according to him, his experience has been completely enriching.

 “I think that one of my favorite parts is the places where you become aware of how you can do things better, and the kind of measurable growth that you experienced,” he said. 

Eichorn views himself as a learner rather than just a teacher, due to the ever-changing nature of his job. 

“It’s so dynamic, that even if you’ve got something right one year, it may not be right five years down the road just because everything changes,” he said. “So I think it’s just the growth that one experiences in this job. And that comes from trying to serve your clientele —the students— in the best way you can.” 


Richard Mimmack, math teacher – 

After 34 years of teaching at Cherry Creek High School, Richard Mimmack is also among the group of retiring faculty. Mimmack has been a beloved math teacher, but his most important lessons have been life lessons. 

“My most important lessons, I think, aren’t my math lessons. They’re my life lessons,” Mimmack said.

Mimmack has also had a passion for sponsoring extracurricular activities, such as the juggling club, which has had a lasting impact on his students. 

“I loved sponsoring the juggling club. Because I’ve had jugglers go on to make a living at it actually, one [student] became an entertainer. The impact that we have [as teachers] is pretty cool,” Mimmack said.

As he prepares for retirement, Mimmack reflects on the impact he has had on his students. His dedication and passion have inspired his students to pursue their passions and to make a difference in the world.

Full List Of Faculty Retiring: 

Andy Eichorn – English         

Sally Adams-Moos – PE/Health

Rae Lyn Young – Science 

Leigh Vinzant – Science 

Karl Mimmack – Math

Darren Knox – Assistant Principal

Cayel Dwyer – Math