Girls’ Soccer Loses 2-0 to Heritage in State Championship Playoffs, Ending Season


Quinn Rudnick

Junior defenceman Paige Pisciotta competes against Grandview on April 18. Creek won the match 3-1.

Creek girls’ soccer season ended after a 2-0 loss against Heritage in the second round of the 5A state championship playoffs. Because of the loss, the team will no longer compete in the championships, and will not hold any more games. If the team had beaten Heritage, they would have advanced into the quarter finals.

Despite playing the best they could, the team could not find many opportunities to gain points. “It was a tough game considering that they scored on us in the first minute of the game, and had a quick follow-up score,” sophomore forward Tianna Chambers said. “There were never really any opportunities for us to score. We tried everything to give our best performance on the field and I did everything I could to help my team win.”

Going into the game, Creek recognized that they were outmatched. Heritage holds an overall 16-1 win record, and Creek holds a 10-7. 

“We didn’t play at our best, we let the pressure get to us. Our communication was good, but it was difficult for us to connect and stop them from scoring goals. Overall we played well as a team but didn’t try hard enough to win the game,” senior Defender  Nikayla Sullivan said.

Heritage juniors Caelan DeBolt and Sophia Whiddon scored the two goals that secured their lead over Creek, and sent the team into the quarterfinals against Valor. Heritage beat Valor 2-0, eliminating the team that Creek lost their championship opportunity to in 2022, and will now advance to the semi-finals in hopes to beat Rock Canyon.

For some players, the loss was extra difficult. There were hints of frustration and sorrow, especially about the seniors leaving, because it was their last game.  However, they understood that going up against Heritage was an accomplishment in and of itself, given their overall standings.

“I was feeling very frustrated that I couldn’t have helped my team more throughout the game. But I was feeling sad because I didn’t want to see my seniors go,” junior forward and defender Sammie Edwards said.