God of War: Ragnarök Is the Perfect Installment



Blayne Aina, Staff Writer

The long awaited game God of War Ragnarök, another great title by Santa Monica Studios, was finally released on Nov. 9 which is available on PS5 and PS4 consoles. The developers of this game went above and beyond with its amazing graphics and storyline, and the $59.99 (PS4) or $69.99 (PS5) price point is well worth it for such a well thought out game.

Ragnarök exceeded my expectations, starting with the amount of realism added to its adventurous and unique atmosphere. Players explore a dramatic, wintry world and enjoy a vast catalog of quests, participating in amazing action scenes with main character Kratos. Breathtaking cinematics and a quality soundtrack just add to the all-encompassing experience, and it really feels like you’re a war god traveling Norse realms.

Players won’t miss the old God of War gameplay. There are many similarities between the 2018 edition and the new release, including characters, the familiar fluid gameplay, and overall difficulty level. The story is compelling and urges you to complete side quests which allow you to learn more about the characters and unlock new parts of the story.

Combat is top-notch thanks to the near-flawless programming. The movement mechanics are god-tier, and you can find your way out of any sticky situation, whether in a boss fight or being swarmed by a horde of one of the various types of mobs. Plenty of games lack this satisfying, smooth gaming experience, so Ragnarök is really a joy to play. The last thing that you want is something that you can’t play because of lag or inconsistent game performance.

The gameplay is also challenging to the max, forcing you to implement skills you learned in earlier phases. Hardcore boss fights push your skills and techniques to their limit and might require multiple attempts. The bosses have greatly increased in difficulty from the 2018 edition, making every single one a worthwhile sidetrack from the main plot. Each boss guards valuable loot that makes your experience more fulfilling as you continue the story.

Ragnarök is a masterpiece with gorgeous graphics, challenging and engaging gameplay, and a gripping story. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a hardcore Nordic mythology game.