Tuesday Fire Alarm Sparked by Electrical Fire, Admin Says


Peter Philpott

Firefighters from the South Metro Fire Department return to their engine after successfully resolving the emergency on Tuesday.

Peter Philpott, Staff Writer

After school on Tuesday, a small electrical fire in IC caused an evacuation of the entire building and the South Metro Fire Department to aid in the emergency. A fire engine and four firefighters arrived in the IC parking lot seven minutes after alarms were sounded and an evacuation was ordered.

Many students participating in after school activities were stranded, forced to leave their belongings inside and hope the emergency would end sooner rather than later.

“It means I can’t go to the climbing club,” sophomore Aaron Grope said. “[But] I’d rather be safe than sorry.” Grope was among the students waiting on the sidewalk next to Union Avenue.

According to activities director Dr. Krista Keogh, the fire originated in a small electrical room in the back of IC, and created a distinct burning rubber scent, immediately alerting security guards and deans.

The evacuation was called and the alarms were sounded at 3:42 PM, and the emergency ended at 4:09. By 3:45, many admins were playing other roles in the emergency.

“I am directing traffic so no one can come in,” Keogh said at the time. “So the firefighters can do their job and that none of the kids here get hit by cars.”

Creek continues to be plagued by assorted emergencies as the school year goes on with several fire drills and secure perimeters thus far, some falling after the school day.

A firefighter from engine 342 rushes to IC building to respond to the fire. Four firefighters were called to the scene on Tuesday. (Peter Philpott)