Creek Enters Secure Perimeter After End of School Day Due to Fugitive Incident


Peter Philpott

Creek’s campus between East and Fine Arts lies empty after most students have gone home. Some were trapped by a secure perimeter, which Silva announced around 30 minutes after the end of the school day. It lasted about 15 minutes.

Peter Philpott, Staff Writer

Today, Cherry Creek High School, along with neighboring campuses, went into a secure perimeter at 4 p.m. because of an outside threat.

“There was someone who had stolen a car and wrecked the car,” Principal Ryan Silva said. “They had gotten two of the people, but there was one person on the run.”

According to Silva, the wreck occurred near Belleview and Dayton, warranting the locking of all doors on Campus. The secure perimeter lasted around 15 minutes.

Because of the Club Fair tomorrow, some students were already staying after school to paint club signs in the hall, so the emergency didn’t affect them. “It happens quite a bit, we don’t panic as much,” junior Lekha Siddartha, of International Film Club, said. “We’re not really fazed about what’s going on.”

This is not the first time a secure perimeter or lockdown has occurred after school hours. “There’s [been] a number of them and so it’s always challenging when it happens because we have fewer adult resources,” Silva said. “We have football teams on the football fields, tennis in the tennis courts, we also have Village Greens. So we have a lot of kids, but the majority of them are outside, so that makes it harder for us.”

According to Silva, there were a few primary reasons behind calling a secure perimeter. “From a police standpoint, the first thing is ‘let’s get innocent people out of the way, make sure they’re safe,’” Silva said. “The secondary benefit is it eliminates a place for the person to hide.”