The Latest It Girl: “That Girl”

The Latest It Girl: That Girl

Aila MonLouis, A&E Editor

“That girl” wakes up early in her crisp, clean room to meditate and show gratitude first thing in the morning. “That girl” has the perfect routine, day and night. “That girl” has her life together. Being “that girl” is a lifestyle. 

Similar to a VSCO girl, being “that girl” has taken over social media apps like TikTok and Instagram like a storm. The #thatgirl tag has over 3.6 billion views on TikTok, consisting of videos of girls living their “best life.” With healthy routine tips as well as healthy food ideas, it has caught the eyes of many trying to live their life contently and mindfully. 

“I think that it’s really important to take care of ourselves and be the happiest we can be. And so if people have the motivation to do that, then that’s awesome,” junior Sienna Ball said.

Of course with a trend comes some distaste and “that girl” can be seen as fluff. Things like “that girl only eats celery” are thrown around while creating the presumption that you have to be healthy all the time.

“I think it embraces a really healthy lifestyle where everything is sunshine and rainbows, which is great most of the time, but I think that it’s unrealistic because that’s not always a constant thing,” sophomore Elena Pombo said. 

Lifestyle trends like “that girl” come and go with many participants, with only some who incorporate it into their day-to-day lives through developing this one idea of how people should be. Despite that, it can be recognized that it doesn’t work for everyone. 

“If you feel like it would be right for you to be that type of person, then it would be cool to strive to be like that. But if it’s not meant for you, then that’s okay too,” freshman Joelle Won said.