Creek Gymnastics Sees Eight Athletes Qualify for State Individuals

Eight athletes each saw success in their own categories for gymnastics, which landed them a spot for state


Gabby Clark, Staff Writer

Even though the Gymnastics season came to an end for the team, 8 girls individually made it to the State Competition.

“We didn’t qualify as a team for state, but the scores that we scored individually at regionals qualified us, so the eight girls who had high enough scores moved on to state,” Varsity Head coach Jennifer Smock said.

Smock says the team has grown tremendously since their first meet on September 9th.

“We had our best meet of the season at regionals and scored our highest team score of the season,” Smock said.

As teams and individuals gathered on Thursday, November 6 for State, the eight girls competing for Creek were Aspen LitchField, Brooke Bennett, Zoe Purcell, Sadie Hines, Alex Cane, Alyssa Watkins, Sophia Grossman, and Emma Rasines. Rasines competed and had their second-highest score of the season as a group.

“If you move on to event finals it’s still considered State, but November 4th is where the big state competition is with all the teams and all the individuals that have qualified,” Senior Brooke Bennett said.

Whoever placed at the State competition would then advance to State Finals.

Aspen LitchField, a freshman at Creek on Saturday, Nov. 6, was the only one to make State finals.

“I made finals on bars and placed 13th with a score of 8.825,” LitchField said.

As the season came to an end, the team agreed it was definitely a successful season, especially with the return of more normalcy

“It was definitely a lot better than last season, probably just because we are more bonded because of last season, obviously, because of COVID. We weren’t out always gathering, we had separate groups, but this year, I feel like the girls had a better gym dynamic overall,” Smock said.