Don’t F**k with Cats

Harper Hanson, Staff Writer

In this thrilling docuseries, you follow the actions of a murderer through the eyes of the people who saw the warning signs of his behavior on Facebook. 

Don’t F**k With Cats is a three episode docu series that takes place all over the world. It follows a woman and man who became part of a facebook group after watching a video of a man killing two kittens. 

Their goal for the next several years: to find the man who did this; however things escalate when the man posts another video, this time not of killing a cat, but of a man. 

The first episode was thrilling and had me a bit freaked out. It was intense and dark, leaving me with thoughts and fears I wish upon no one. 

The first episode leaves you with hundreds of questions, ending with one big one: what just happened?

The second episode begins to answer those questions that you had been so desperately asking since the first episode. And quite frankly is disturbing. 

It is towards the end of this episode and into the third and final episode  that the show begins to lose me.

It felt like the show was being dragged on to meet the time, and quite frankly felt overdone and almost a bit boring. 

The show itself would have been much better had it been made into a documentary instead of a docuseries. 

As I was almost done with the show, I found some of the main people in the documentary to be bothering me and to be quite annoying. They were intriguing at first, but slowly fell into a self righteousness that was hard to understand. It felt dramaticized and pulled out to fit a time constraint. The story itself was interesting, but it did not feel like the producers had 3 hours of content. 

The first episode of Don’t F**k With Cats first is thrilling and will keep you on the edge of your seat, but as the show continues, it slowly goes down hill and had me lose interest in the characters and the story.