Bear Necessities starts selling snacks at different times

Bre Mennenoh, A&E Editor

This week Bear Necessities has stopped selling food all day and has limited their hours to 9:42-10:37 and 2:20-3:30. This stemmed from a tax audit that said that they were selling too many unhealthy snacks with too high of a fat and sugar content for district guidelines. 

The rules require selling to be limited to at least 30 minutes before and after breakfast and lunch times. Bear Necessities has a non-competitive clause with the cafeteria so they’re not allowed to sell food at the same time anymore.

 Now Bear Necessities offer snacks, or “smart snacks,” that meet the district’s nutritional guidelines. All other schools had to make these changes because they were audited as well. 

Students feel inconvenienced by the lack of choices as it now requires you to go to the cafeteria. 

“I’m more annoyed than anything.” junior Sarah Bian said. “For a lot of people, the snacks at Bear Necessities were like an alternative food option to actually getting a whole lunch in the cafeteria.”