Creek receives new classroom laptops


The new Dell computers function both as laptops and tablets.

Cameron Barnard, Editor-in-Chief

New Dell laptops will be introduced to classrooms in order to slowly phase out the five-year old Chromebooks.

Admin rolled out the 1,408 new laptops on April 6, adding to the 1,800 Chromebooks purchased in 2013.

44 carts were purchased by the school district with money from the Bond and Budget Override 3A and 3B that was passed by voters in November of 2016.

The Chromebooks were nearing their end, only meant to last up to five years, while these are meant to last around the same amount of time. They also expect to receive Microsoft Windows updates for a longer time than the Chromebooks did from the Google operating system.

Criticism had been mounting over the old Chromebooks.

“They are very slow and you can’t even use YouTube on them,” senior Madison Loya said.

Combatting the problems of wear and slowdown, the administration continues to integrate technology with learning.

“I might have been one of the more vocal people…” McDavid said. “Those were never intended to go beyond 5 years, so we as a school district knew that their shelf life was just about up. So we really wanted to come up with a solution to support technology.”

The Dell laptops come with the ability to flip the screen into a tablet with touch capabilities.

“What’s interesting about education right now is that were trying to give kids an opportunity to access material in new and creative ways that make learning more effective,” Mr. McDavid said.