Keogh, Knox Plan Their Next Steps


Peter Philpott

Activites director Krista Keogh stands in front of the massive calendar in the activities office, displaying every event, game, and concert. Keogh was promoted to assistant principal this spring, and will replace the existing assistant prinicipal, Darren Knox.

Peter Philpott, Assistant News Editor

After a 25-year career and 17 years at Creek, activities director Krista Keogh was promoted to assistant principal this spring.

Keogh has enjoyed the job in the activities department and is thrilled to use all she’s learned in her new position. “I am looking forward to using my skill-set to support teachers as they grow as leaders and learners,” Keogh said. “Creek teachers are the best. I am so excited to continue to work with them.”

Keogh’s goal as activities director was always to make students feel at home, even after school hours. She made a point to encourage athletic participation and make advertising clubs easy.

She has a special attachment to her current job, not only because she has worked for years on the campus, but also because she has Bruin roots as a student, particularly in Creek’s choir program. “When I went to Creek I was in Meistersingers, Jazz Choir, and Creek 21,” Keogh said. “I also attempted to play on the golf team.”

And she’s able to passionately push for activities because of her outside-of-school commitments to her own hobbies. “In my free time I enjoy skiing, playing golf, walking my dogs, and traveling with my family,” Keogh said. “I have two dogs, Moseley and Charlie.”

Along with her work in activities, Keogh is also a coordinator for Student Senate. Sophomore senator Kimaya Kini expressed the group’s appreciation for Keogh’s work. “[Keogh is] one of the main sponsors of the Senate. She’s the reason we can do everything that we do,” Kini said. “She’s pulled all nighters and it’s so important to her to show up. She is the heart of our family.”

Keogh loves activities like Student Senate because of the opportunities to work and collaborate with the students in Creek’s after-school community.

“I love working with kids. It has been my goal to increase participation in extracurricular activities, and to make sure all students feel like they have a place at Creek,” Keogh said. “I know that as I leave this role, not everyone is connected, but it is my hope that we have created more opportunities for all students at Creek.”

Keogh has spent the majority of her career at Creek, going there for high school, working there for seven years as a science teacher, and spending 10 years as the activities director, with the exception of a stint as a Dean at West Middle School.

Like Keogh, retiring Assistant Principal Darren Knox also started as a science teacher for Creek and has held the assistant principal job for 12 years.

“I’m very grateful and blessed to have the opportunity,” Knox said. “I just want to thank really, all the faculty and staff that I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with. I would like to thank them and to wish them the best in their endeavors.”

Knox is looking forward to the free time and relaxation in his retirement, as he finishes up his 31 year career. “I have given myself permission to just kind of get away from everything and spend more quality time with my family. Unfortunately, sometimes family has taken a bit of a backseat,” Knox said. “I’m eager to learn some new things and look at some of the hobbies that I have wanted to pick up.”

Knox is especially grateful to be able to spend so many years at one school, and he’s enjoyed every minute. “Creek is definitely going to hold a special place in my heart,” Knox said. “I’m just happy that I have had the opportunity to fulfill the vast majority of my career here.”

Keogh wants to continue her career by improving Creek through her assistant principal job, and she is excited to learn about the different type of administration. “I think many things at Cherry Creek are a well oiled machine,” Keogh said. “I will probably take my first year to see what is working before I try to make any drastic changes. My new role is very different from my current role, so I have a lot of learning to do.”