See Moments From Creek’s Regional Premiere of ‘Frankenstein’


Quinn Rudnick

‘Frankenstein’, is a play written by Danielle Mohlman based on the novel by Mary Shelley. The Creek theatre program opened the Colorado premiere of the show on Nov. third, and it ran through Nov. fifth. The tale follows the story of Mary Shelley as she writes her novel, combining both Mary and the Frankenstein family’s stories simultaneously.

Quinn Rudnick, Managing Editor

From August to early November, the Creek Theatre program worked tirelessly to build the set and practice performances for their fall play, Frankenstein. The play opened on Nov. 3, marking the regional premiere of Danielle Mohlman’s Frankenstein based on the novel by Mary Shelley. 

Planning and designing the show began in May, just after the theater closed their spring play, Eurydice. Largely student-led and directed, the play featured work from nearly 100 students. Over the course of three months, construction and fly crews worked to build 18-foot walls, archways, and fake trees, and actors worked along stage management to perfect their portrayal of the characters. Lighting crews hung a large chandelier over the stage, and worked to create lighting that would deliver Frankenstein’s unsettling ambience. 

Frankenstein spoke levels towards domestic violence and sexual abuse. Characters including Mary Shelley (seniors Sloane Blake and Eliana Yokomichi), Caroline Frankenstein (junior Molly Grantz), Elizabeth Frankenstein (senior Ava Sposito), and Justine Moritz (sophomore Sydney Allen and junior Claudia Naranjo) all referenced their various encounters with abuse and domestic violence. The performances were dedicated Lindsay Daum and Meadow Sinner, two local victims of domestic abuse and murder. 

The story followed Mary Shelley as she wrote her novel, Frankenstein, simultaneously dealt with the grief of losing her daughter and fought with her ego-centric husband Percy (senior Cooper Collins). Mary was haunted by her mother’s ghost and other characters during the entire show, all of whom continually pointed out the effects of domestic violence and sexual abuse on Mary’s characters and herself. 

Frankenstein was an example of the Creek Theatre Program to create amazing work time and time again, showcasing incredible feats of construction, attention to detail in design, and superb portrayal of emotionally complex characters.

See moments from ‘Frankenstein’ below.