In Case You Missed It: Weekly Digest Nov. 1-12, 2021


This is a list of our best stories from each section in the last two weeks.


Shortages in food and staff have threatened school cafeterias across the nation, including at Creek. Food workers describe how those shortages are affecting our district in the article below.

CCSD Kitchen Staff Shortage Threatens Student Food Supply


Creek’s marching band scored better than it had since at least 1991 in October’s state and regional competitions. See moments from the band’s performances in the photo gallery below.

See Moments From Marching Band’s Historic Finish At State And Regionals Competitions


Creek’s student body tends to lean politically left, but some students are pushing for conservatives to be more included in political conversations. Sophomore James Ruehmann began Creek Teenage Republicans to give right-leaning students a place to speak their mind.

No Longer Avoiding The Discussion: How A Republican Club Wishes To Diversify Creek’s Beliefs


The third season of Netflix’s hit show You has recently captivated viewers, ranking among the top 10 most viewed shows on Netflix for over a week. Staff Writer Katya Roudakov describes how the show drew viewers in and kept them there.

The Third Season Of ‘You’ Is Just Crazy Enough To Be Entertaining


In our October 2021 staff editorial, we described how most students feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work they’re receiving, and how teachers can help students feel less stressed.

Teachers, your workload is drowning us