How music is brightening 2020

Students discuss the ways music has improved the worst year ever.


Carly Philpott

A photo-illustration of artists Juice Wrld, Taylor Swift, and Kid Cudi (left to right). These artists were specially mentioned by Creek students for their relatable lyrics and really nice melodies. During COVID-19 it’s hard to find something that makes life feel a little better.

Jonny Trigg, Staff writer

This year has been packed full of struggles and hardships for everyone. And, everyone needs something to help them cope. Many students at Creek find that music helps them with their daily lives because it brings joy to students and makes each day a little easier.

Music helps the individual by creating something for them to look forward to. 

“I feel like music is something everybody can enjoy,” junior Casey Dennis said.

On Dec. 8, 2019, the famous rapper Juice Wrld died. Many people loved his music, including junior Elizabeth Ross who said his songs are “upbeat and relatable.” 

Juice Wrld was dedicated to his music. He died with over 1,000 unreleased songs. On Jul. 10, 2020, a posthumous album called Legends Never Die was released. The album was instantly loved. 

“I like that they’re not letting his music die,” Ross said.

Other artists aren’t letting their music die, either.

Taylor Swift recently released a brand new album called Evermore on Dec. 11. Her many fans were excited when she surprised them with this album. Listeners enjoy connecting with her music because of all the diversity she explores in her songs.

“Her music has a wide variety of songs, and it’s relatable,” junior Jordan Ballard said. 

Taylor Swift has had a lot of success, and her new album is no different. Swift creates all types of music that branch out to many different people. Her fans really enjoy the variety.

“She has happy songs and sad songs, there’s a lot of songs for each mood you’re in,” Ballard said.

Kid Cudi’s new album,  Man on the Moon 3: The Chosen, came out on December 11th, 2020 as well. It was dropped with a lot of excitement and started a lot of conversations about his music. 

It’s a different feeling than what you get from most pop or rap music because of the synthetic beats and creative use of autotune. The percussion in his songs complement his voice and creates sounds that are different from many rappers. 

“I like his beat,” Dennis said. “He’s got a unique music style that not many artists can match.”

Music this year has been very impactful to a lot of people going through hardships. Many Creek students are grateful for all of the recent music that’s been released. No matter what reason people need music, there’s always something they can listen to to improve their lives.

“Music is the most important thing in my life,” Dennis said.