Cover-up: how Creek chooses their masks

Aila MonLouis, Staff Writer

Masks are our new norm. It can feel like a burden to wear one. But we’ve got options.

As we go about our day, we can look around and notice the different masks others are wearing. Some are wearing disposable masks, while others are wearing cotton masks or even gaiters.

Cloth masks seem to be the most popular option at Creek these days, with disposable paper close behind.

It’s fairly obvious that it’s mandatory for those at Creek to wear masks but a few factors when it comes to the mask they wear are: Comfort, communication, environmental issues, and individual expression.

“I like to wear cloth masks when I go to the grocery store out in the community,” Latin teacher Amy Rosevear said, “but at school for the whole day I find that the paper mask helps me breathe and be understood by my students.”

Communication is key for all of us at Creek, especially teachers and even more for certain classes such as world language classes.

“I think my students can hear my voice better, which for learning a world language is important because they have to hear how the words are pronounced,” Rosevear said.

The staff at Creek don’t all have similar views when it comes to the mask they wear daily but they do have the same concerns. Some wear what they deem as comfortable.

Library coordinator Michelyne Gray chooses to wear a cloth mask.  “I don’t feel as muted,” she said. “I feel like my voice is able to project [in a cloth mask].  I feel better, environmentally, that I can wear it, wash it and then re-wear it. With disposable masks, I feel like it’s a little wasteful. They don’t fit as well either.”

Students have similar concerns and formed their own opinions.

“I like my [cotton] masks for the way they look… I have masks that support businesses and masks from tv shows & movies.” sophomore Cooper Collins said, “I have gotten compliments because of my masks.”

Some students are thinking ahead for the mask they wear due to the colder weather conditions we will soon be facing.

“I wear cotton masks rather than disposables and gaiters because they are not good for the environment Cotton masks keep my face warm during the colder weather conditions,” freshman Addison Summitt said.

Students at Creek don’t favor the masks but in the end, they all understand that the masks are here to ensure safety for us all from COVID- 19.

“It’s annoying when walking a larger distance for example from East to West [Building] but it helps ensure safety for our school,” freshman Eva Miller* said.