Why we need a free press

The Union Street Journal

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On Thursday, October 11th, Donald Trump questioned NBC News’ “license.” In his brazen, flustered tweet, he furthered his fight against news corporations, journalists, and the truth in America.

Any successful dictatorship controls or eliminates the media. Why? Because the press is the most influential watchdog of government entities.

Our president has started a war on the media because they can fact-check his lies. The press can see through his wall. The media stands between Trump and the manipulation of a nation.

When all is said and done in 2020, the only victims of this war will be the people themselves. Journalism is essential to any functioning society; informed citizens make for a healthier nation.

The Job of journalists is to record the first draft of history. We inform you, our audience about that which is outside your everyday view. Every other duty is a side task.

With the changes in technology, society has begun to question the purpose of news media. Now more than ever, it is easier to receive your news straight from the source. Our president tweets directly to the people. Large corporations have social media accounts. Because of social media, the news is no longer the sole source of what is going on. So why do we need the media when we already have their sources?

Our job as a journalist goes beyond the retelling of facts. Our job is to find the facts, validate them with other sources, and synthesize them into a story suited for you, our audience. We dive deeper than your social media feed. We talk to sources otherwise unthought-of of or inaccessible to the everyday person.

It is our job to tell the stories people do not want told. It is our job to tell the stories people do not normally hear. It is also our job to take what is commonly known and find out the things less known.

Without well-done journalism, Nixon would have never resigned, Catholic priests would not be accountable,