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Sudoku Club Brought to Life

Blayanne Aina, Staff Writer

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Sudoku, a popular and unique Japanese game,  has finally become the focus of a new club here at Creek during the 2015-2016 school year.

Sudoku is a game that consists of a nine-by-nine grid whose objective is to fill each row, column, and the nine three-by-three subgrids, with digits one to nine.

According to Clyde Oakley, a teacher at Creek and sponsor of the club, Sudoku is a “valuable pastime.” Clyde stated that, “People who work in math or technical professions are often thinking quantitatively on their feet. Solving Sudoku puzzles is excellent practice needed to solve technical and mathematical problems.”

In Sudoku club, students solve several Sudoku puzzles, either in groups or as individuals. The club president, Jake Hong, prints several Sudoku puzzles along with their answers and works with these students as well. The club strategizes and finds logical ways around problems.

Jake Hong, president of Sudoku Club and active participant in the game  explained that, “It helps me feel less stressed out about my [current] situation since all I can do is focus on the game.”

Currently, the club has about six to seven students attending regularly, mostly juniors and seniors. The club is open to all grade levels and even teachers. Sudoku is held every Thursday from 3 to 4pm in room W527. Don’t be afraid to join!

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