From 500 Students to 3600

Going from a small school to CCHS is an eye-opening experience.

Eric Williams, Staff Writer

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Transitioning to Cherry Creek High School is an incredibly unusual and different experience for everyone, especially for students who came from small, relatively unknown schools. Most incoming kids come from two main “feeder” schools: West Middle School and Campus Middle School, but there is a small portion of students who don’t come to CCHS from there.

These small, private, and charter institutions are far different than traditional public schools. Many have uniforms and move at different paces through different curriculums. They are less extensive in campus size (they only have one building) and in population as well, which is why the sheer size of CCHS intimidates people from there more than people from “regular” schools. There are also more clubs, activities, and sports at these types of establishments. As a result, students who attended normal public schools are better prepared socially than students who went to other schools.

People who attended smaller schools are almost a minority at CCHS. They may find it hard to make friends because there are so few other students that went to their old schools. Their previous education might have been different in nearly all subjects, even in foreign languages. These differences in education usually result in students taking different classes than a student from a traditional school would.

Despite their numerous differences, students that attended smaller, lesser known schools always find ways easily branch out and make friends. Their differences soon become less apparent because CCHS is so large and diverse.