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Softball Welcomes New Coach, Sees Shift In Team Culture

Quinn Rudnick
Sophomore shortstop Anastasia Shelvovich (#25) cheers on the team during a huddle for a game against Grandview on Sept. 18. Creek lost 15-4.

Creek’s varsity softball team has seen a new coach every season for the past three years. Without a consistent coach, the team has been through a rough stretch, and has not seen a winning season since their 2018-19 one.

Abby Marlow was one of the assistant coaches during the 2022-23 season, and took over as head coach this year. She plans to improve the team’s culture and lead them to a playoff spot.

“Her coaching style shows us that she’s determined to improve the team and pushes us to be the best we can be,” senior catcher Violet Strand said over text interview. “She supports us tremendously and does a great job handling her position as a young coach.” 

Marlow is fitting in well so far, but it’s always tough to form brand new relationships with a team. In order to help Marlow adjust to the team, seniors are helping build team morale.

“[The seniors] have probably had the most coaches out of everybody on the team,” junior catcher Sydney Berry said. “They adjusted pretty well and helped a lot of the younger kids, especially me. It was just really nice to have a sense of community with them.”

Help from experienced seniors is extremely beneficial to new coaches, and working with them help Marlow form bonds with players and learn their personalities both on and off the field. 

“Creek softball has been in need of a culture change, and I could not have done that without my seniors this year,” Marlow said. “They are so talented in so many different ways, I could not ask for a better senior class. They are setting the new standard for years to come.”

With the help of these seniors and the team, Marlow is looking to change the way Creek softball operates and make a positive lasting change on the program.

“Marlow wants to build a strong, positive culture within the program. I would say our team has a great bond and we all get along very well,” Strand said. “[We have] a positive and encouraging culture with an emphasis on women supporting women.”

Marlow also wants to increase popularity for the sport at Creek. 

“One thing that I would like to change, and I know the players would like to change, is [we want] to make the softball program more known at Creek,” Marlow said. “We want to increase attendance at games, excite fans to come support our games, and follow through on that excitement. The players have been doing a good job already around campus, and we have seen a lot more attendance than we have in the past.”

The team started off strong before hitting a rough patch and dropping 7 of their last 10 games, finishing 5th in the Centennial League. Despite this, the team has continued to bond throughout the season.

“I think that the girls are in a different mindset this year and realize that they are playing for each other,” Marlow said. “I have tried to also help them realize that they need to have more of a winner’s mentality.”

Marlow wants to push them to reach their full potential. She knows they have been through a rough couple of years in the program and wants them to work towards playing for each other.

“I am constantly reminding the players that I will never count them out of a game, no matter the score,” Marlow said. “They have this crazy talent that I am not sure they even understand, that is so good, and it’s fun to watch.”

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Quinn Rudnick, Junior Editor-in-Chief & Sports Editor
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