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‘Baby Gravy 3:’ The Best Party Playlist

Baby Gravy 3: The Best Party Playlist

Imagine this, you have been chosen to host a party at your house, people are invited and you want to make it the best of the year. You have the snacks and the drinks, but dancing songs are the main priority. So who do you choose? Rap duo Matthew Hauri (Yung Gravy) and Alexander Gumuchian (Baby No Money) have you covered.

Baby Gravy 3, released just three weeks ago, already has almost 89 million plays on Spotify, and compared to their average monthly listeners of 1.5 million, it’s definitely on the larger scale for the duo. Along with the numbers, this is probably one of the most vulgar and raunchy albums I’ve heard to date. With lyrics complimenting female beauty and loveliness, teaching the listeners Figurative Language by cosplaying a See n’ Say learning toy, and telling a 30 year old highschool dropout in their parents basement to get a job, what’s not to love?

The thirteen song tracklist already has 3 singles, with “No Way Jose,” “Super Mario Bros,” and “Nightmare on Peachtree Street,” which all featured Freddie Dredd. Part of the album’s success is the peculiar way the music sounds, with instruments like the Spanish Guitar and Trumpets being accompanied by bass boosted sounds. Most interesting though was the flutes and recorders, featured on the song, “Onomatopoeia.” 

While most parties use an entire album to perform the music, the songs on Baby Gravy 3 could drag and then come back up, in a roller coaster sort of way. Here are a couple of songs that are perfect for the party to get bumpin’.

“No Way Jose”- Track Number 1.

With a hint of Salsa music, you feel like you’re on a beach with a drink in hand and you’re watching the waves. The song explains how the two want nothing to do with cheating girls, “Um, I’m sorry, bro, your girl texting me her bumbum / My tummy hurt before a flight, I pop a tumtum / I need bread, you got crumbs, I don’t want none / No way Jose.”  The crumbs are a metaphor to how much the girl has been around with most of the guys(crumbs is described, in this case, leftover men the girl has slept with,). But overall, this song was a great opening act for the album.

“Onomatopoeia”- Track 7.

Sounding like some sort of Snake Charmer came into the studio, the song has a major use of the Flute and the Mandolin, making it the most interesting sound on the album. bbno$ becomes a See ‘N Say toy, both literally and figuratively, and Gravy lays down heavy bars, ” Yeah, it’s 1017, iced out, big clock / It go tick-tick-tick-tick-tick, it don’t stop (Uh)/ What the **** you mean? / Shut the **** up, ***** boy / I go bang, bang, bang, ’cause why the hell not?” Even though “Onomatopoeia” sounds like a silly children’s song, no one can pass off the fact that the duo are getting rich and getting girls, just by flexing their clothing and showing money off like it’s nothing. Lovely.

“Touch Grass”- Track 11.

While most songs on the album have a unique sound, Touch Grass mostly uses Synths and heavy Bass, similar to the duo’s previous projects. The song, of course, tells the character in the song to go outside and enjoy the outdoors, however, Yung Gravy tells the person to head back inside, to do some more naughty acts. .“Go outside, touch grass / Go inside, touch ***/ Go outside, touch grass / Go inside, touch ***.” Besides the obvious message of its vulgarity, it still gets an 8/10 music wise.

The new sound of instruments and messages in the sngs of the album is something that can’t be compared to any other album the duo has made. Gumuchian being the starting rapper for most of the songs allowed Gumuchian to rap first, due to his voice being a bit quieter that Hauris to get his verse out, but when Hauri joins in to rap alongside, coming in not too early nor too late, the best of both worlds come together in perfect harmony. The intensity definitely is present, the songs are dance worthy and the vibes are great. Definitely heading into my Spotify favorites.

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