Dean Kelly Devitt to Become New Activities Director


Binderiya Lkhagvatseren

Devitt is thrilled about her promotion, “I definitely see it more as [a] opportunity to learn quickly to get involved [with] the students and sponsors.”

Binderiya Lkhagvatseren, Staff Writer

After 10 years of being the Activities Director, Dr. Krista Keogh will be leaving the position to Dean Kelly Devitt, who is ecstatic to step up to the plate and take on this new role.   

I know it’s going to be a lot of time, and transitioning, [but] that’s kind of been my whole career, I’m really excited about [the new role],” Devitt said.

Devitt will be responsible for overseeing student-led initiatives, from major events to volunteer opportunities, while working more closely with the Student Senate on planning student celebrations.

After two years of being a dean, Devitt is looking forward to directly working with students on community service projects and events.

“[By] putting the student experience first and getting kids involved, you essentially get to work with kids, and I was excited to get back with kids in a positive space,” Devitt said.

Applying for the position, Devitt saw this as a chance to get more participation from Creek’s student body and support the Student Senate with admin work. 

“I saw this as an awesome opportunity to be involved on the admin team to help move the school towards its future and towards [its] next steps,” Devitt said.

The Student Senate is eager for a fresh perspective on planning activities throughout the year.

“I would say that the transition is definitely going to be good,” junior Senator Nandita Nair said. “It’s nice to have an outsider come in and say, ‘Oh, I noticed this while you guys were planning [an event].’”

Even so, Keogh’s management of activities with the Student Senate left a lasting impression on the students. 

“[It’s] my hope that we have created more opportunities for all students at Creek,”  Keogh said.

Devitt shared her enthusiasm with improving Creek’s participation.  

“My goal is [that] I really just want to make sure that we are continuing to evolve, change, shift, and grow involvement for kids at Creek.” Devitt said.