Four Things You Didn’t Know About Creek Baseball


Wryn Duepre

Senior Rhodes Hickey tries out for the varsity baseball team on Feb. 27. Tryouts lasted for three days before the spring season began.

Avery Hutchins and Isabel Alley

Correction: The Union Street Journal recently published a mistake in our March issue, stating that the parent booster club pays for some of the team’s coaches. CCSD pays for all coaching staff. This portion of the article has been removed from the online version.

Some students may not be familiar with the ins and outs of Creek’s baseball team. The baseball program has been around since the school was founded and has been flooded with success over the years. The baseball team has won five state championships, winning four in a row in the 90s, and the most recent in 2012. There is a lot that goes into the success that the baseball program has achieved over the years, through intense preparation during the off-season, along with attempting to be recognized as stars through showcases. Long time coach Marc Johnson has led the program for over half a century and prospered thanks to the financial backing and constant support from the booster club.

1. Games are Showcases for Scouts

The fall baseball season differs from other seasons throughout the year. Instead of playing tournaments against other teams with the aim to win and retain more experience playing at a higher level, athletes compete in showcases. Showcases help the most skilled players stand out from the crowd and possibly get an offer to continue competing at a higher level. “In showcases you just show off your skills and get colleges to look at you,” sophomore shortstop Sean Klaess said.

2. The Booster Club Finances the Team

The team’s booster club is responsible for taking care of most maintenance, equipment, and events within the program by providing opportunities to fundraise money throughout the year. “The booster club pays for all maintenance and improvements to the field, Snack Shack, uniforms, Spirit Day breakfast, program, videographer, Game Changer [and] Hall of Fame [events], senior banquet, website, and scholarships used to help players that don’t have the means [to play],” Booster Club member Luis Esquivel said.

3. Extreme Long-term Success

The Creek baseball program has experienced immense success throughout the last 60 years. Coach Marc Johnson led the Varsity Baseball team to 32 league championships and 22 final playoffs, and they have remained steadily in the top five teams in the Class 5A Centennial League for over the last ten years. Aside from championships, the team’s players have also gone on to achieve great success, with 52 players being drafted into the MLB, the most in the state of Colorado.

4. Training-Heavy Pre-season

During a seven-week pre-season, the Creek baseball team trains three days a week and has optional weight-lifting days. The program also rents out the entire Slammers baseball facility on Saturday mornings, and reserves 4 cages for an hour on Wednesday and Friday for players to practice in before the season starts. “During the preseason, we go to Slammers to do winter training 3 times a week. We’ll hit against our own pitchers and practice our field positions all indoors,” junior catcher Brayden Yasuzawa said.