Thirteen Football Players Sign to Colleges: “Big Dream For a Lot of Us”


Wryn Duepre

Senior football players celebrate signing to colleges on Feb. 1st, National Signing Day. All 13 players intend to pursue sports related majors in college.

Wryn Duepre, Chief Photographer

While most Creek students were sleeping at home, news stations, coaches, families, and friends gathered in the South Gym the morning of Feb. 1 to watch 13 varsity football players sign with colleges across the country. Most of these players decided to pursue athletic-based majors while they play D1 or D2 football for their school.

“This was a big dream for a lot of us so I’m really happy,” senior varsity guard and tackle player Ben Lastrella (#67) said.

After years of working up to this moment, Lastrella signed with the University of Sioux Falls to study sports management and play football at a D2 level.

Signing day is a big milestone for these students and a key event in their academic careers. National Signing Day has been a tradition across the country for many years that high school students everywhere strive to be a part of.

“It’s really cool to see everyone so happy,” senior varsity offensive linebacker Blake Purchase (#4) said.

Purchase is the captain of the varsity football team and is widely regarded as one of the best players for Creek. Purchase intends to pursue football at the D1 level and study sports marketing at University of Oregon.

“We are so proud, it has been a dream of his for a long time,” Telaya Purchase, Purchase’s mother, said.