Latin Club Provides Niche Opportunities For Students



Jackson Sloan, Staff Writer

From the Latin Olympics to the Saturnalia gift exchange, Creek’s Latin club offers the ability to connect with Ancient Roman culture and be part of a dedicated community.

While the club is a low commitment and meetings are only held once every two weeks, Latin club’s co-president Ava Landy, along with the rest of the club’s board, wants to ensure that Latin club remains a space for students to participate and enjoy learning about Latin culture. 

“We want to make the club as fun and engaging as possible, and we want people to keep coming back each time,” Landy said. 

According to Landy, elections are held in order to determine who will lead the club. Students present speeches and are asked questions before being elected to the board. 

“We pride ourselves in being a democracy,” Landy said.

After board elections are over, those elected into leadership positions meet to plan events. 

These events include the Latin Olympics, a series of contests and games, and the Saturnalia gift exchange where members bring inexpensive or homemade gifts to celebrate the god of agriculture, Saturn. 

Landy’s interest in Latin and Greek and Roman mythology helped her join the club last year, and she decided to run for co-president after finding a sense of belonging within the club. 

“I honestly just loved the community and the people I have been able to meet,” Landy said. “Last year was a tough transitional year for everybody [with] getting back to a normal schedule, and I knew that Latin would be a great place to find a sense of community and direction.” 

After club sponsor Amy Rosevear took Latin in high school and went on to become a Latin teacher, she wanted to provide an extracurricular activity for current and possible Latin students.

“[Latin Club] was an important part of my high school experience,” Rosevear said. “I noticed that it’s just an important thing for some Latin students to have an extracurricular element.”

The club meets every two Tuesdays after school, and it is open to any students who would like to join, regardless of whether or not they are currently taking a Latin class.

 “We pride ourselves on making Latin Club a club for anyone at Creek to join and automatically find a community,” Landy said.