Girls Soccer Takes Down Arapahoe in Crazy Wind

In some of the wackiest weather, Creek took down rival Arapahoe in a 1-0 shutout


Senior midfielder Alyssa Glover dribbling a ball downfield. Glover put up the sole offensive play with the only goal in the win. Photo courtesy of Lisa D’Ambrosia

Adam Nowlin, Sports Editor

For the girls soccer team, winning State and League are among the priorities for the team to achieve. As for the rivals, taking them down is priority number one, even if it means playing them in some insane weather.

That was achieved against Arapahoe as they took them down in a 1-0 shutout on April 5, a game in which the girls stood their ground in some of the wildest wind of the season so far, with winds reaching 30-40 MPH. 

Coach Dave Gamelin was well aware of the harsh conditions, and luckily for him he did enough to prepare his team for the wind induced game they were going to be playing in. With his number one goal achieved, this win was a huge accomplishment for his team and himself.

“I tell my team that the number one goal is to beat Arapahoe… it was the best, best feeling as a coach.”, Gamelin said.

The harsh conditions did not faze the team whatsoever, and the players were able to make do with what they were given. 

Senior goalkeeper Gabby Sabatier stole the show with the shutout, which was her fifth shutout of the season and the lone goal of the night was scored by senior midfielder Alyssa Glover, who was able to use the wind to her advantage on a shot that was blown into the corner past the reach of Arapahoe’s goalkeeper

This win gave the squad some momentum for their upcoming schedule, and this included beating Mullen, a team who Coach Gamelin views as “tricky”, by a score of 4-0, so this time around Sabatier managed to get some insurance goals while recording shutout number six.

This turned into a four game win streak until a loss to Grandview in April 12 snapped the streak. The team sits sixth in the state rankings, according to

With one of the biggest rivals out of the way, they look to keep as much momentum as possible for the upcoming games and season as a whole.

“It’s a huge relief to have won that,” Gamelin said. “Now we can go on and test ourselves against those teams.”